Posted February 26, 2014

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says he went ‘too far’ before ejection at Duke

Jim Boeheim (Chuck Liddy/Getty Images)

Jim Boeheim has 946 career wins in 38 seasons as head coach at Syracuse. (Chuck Liddy/Getty Images)

Jim Boeheim expressed remorse Wednesday morning for the tantrum in Saturday’s loss to Duke that led to his ejection.

“There’s no question I went too far,” Boeheim said on ESPN Radio. “In my mind, the game was over. That was really the call that got to me.

“Would you rather not do that? Probably. But when you’re in the middle of that moment and you’re involved in a game like that and you feel that the game is gone because of this play, you lose control of your emotions.”

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C.J. Fair, who was called for the charge that set Boeheim off, said after the game the coach’s technical fouls cost the Orange any chance of winning the game. But while Boeheim acknowledged he lost control, he added that his team still would’ve faced a four-point deficit with eight seconds left had he not been ejected.

“I would say that’s a mathematical impossibility that we’d win the game, down four,” Boeheim said. “But you can make a case. Their ball, you steal it and you could tie the game. … Absolutely. I’ll have to live with that one.”

ACC commissioner John Swofford said on Monday the referees made a “judgement call” and that he doesn’t second-guess judgement calls.

The entire segment can be heard here.

Syracuse is 26-2 overall and 13-2 in the ACC, but the fourth-ranked Orange have lost two of their last three. Syracuse’s last three wins have each come by two points or fewer.

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Boeheim's place in the game as one of the greats has long been achieved...

And I'm an IU grad...


@Sportsfan18 Perhaps the relevance of being an IU grad is that last year Syracuse made IU look like it had never seen a zone before. Actually, one of Boeheim's worst moments was not calling timeout after Keith Smart's shot gave IU the lead in that title game.

I think Boeheim often does his best work with his lesser talented teams--his three teams that made the final had less talent than, for example, his teams that had Coleman, Douglas, Seikaly and Owens after Coleman was a freshman.


@Sportsfan18 hey, dumb as bricks, did u really have to go to college to figure out that Boeheim is a great coach?