Posted February 19, 2014

Michael Sam inks deals with five trading card companies

An autographed Michael Sam Missouri jersey will cost $100. (Kansas City Star/Getty Images)

An autographed Michael Sam jersey will cost $100. (Kansas City Star/Getty Images)

Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, who publicly revealed this month that he is gay, has signed autograph deals with trading card companies Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Sage and Press Pass, according to a report Wednesday from Darren Rovell of ESPN.

Sam is expected to be a mid-round pick in May’s NFL draft. He was the SEC’s co-defensive player of the year last season. An official from one of the companies – Press Pass – told Rovell that Sam’s recent announcement made signing him a “no brainer.”

Sam’s agent told Rovell that his client- whose autographs will be featured on jerseys and mini helmets, in addition to cards – is concentrating on training for the draft.

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The NFL combine kicks off this week, and Sam will certainly be among the players in the spotlight.


Welcome to political correctness bowl 2014. Where all that matters is how "brave" a person is for bringing up their sexuality. Never mind that without his sexuality he'd be lucky to be practice squad player earning 30k a year but will now probably make millions in endorsement.

How brave of him to exploit the media to make millions of dollars, how brave.


I wonder how many sports fans will be seeking this autograph. I can guess that many non sports fans will buy one or more for the political aspects. Personally, I don't want the guy's autograph. He is an OK player but definitely not a standout. His would be one of the football cards that got shuffled in with the rest of the deck, and no one would be talking about this guy other than his big announcement. Enjoy your 15 minutes buddy.


I remember when football cards honored players based on how well they played football; not how gay they were.  Maybe Press Pass can replace the 1000 Yard Club with the Dow Low Club next year.