Posted February 15, 2014

Michael Sam gets standing ovation at Missouri basketball game

Missouri fans expressed support for Michael Sam at Saturday's basketball game. (L.G. Patterson/AP Images)

Missouri fans expressed support for Sam at Saturday’s basketball game. (L.G. Patterson/AP Images)

Michael Sam, a University of Missouri football player who made headlines last week when he announced he is gay, received a standing ovation at Saturday night’s Missouri basketball game.

Sam’s face appeared on the arena video boards during the game, to which the crowd responded with cheers and support in the form of a standing ovation.

According to the Associated Press, Sam later blew a kiss to the student section and shook hands with fans at the game. From the AP’s report:

Mason Schara, the student body president who posted Monday on Twitter that he’s gay, said the university will always treat Sam as one of its own.

“The majority of us knew and we just didn’t think anything of it because that’s just who we are here,” Schara said. “The fact that there’s been such a positive reaction across the nation is what sparked us to be here today.”

“I am hopeful that the NFL won’t care about something like this,” Schara said. “It doesn’t matter about his sexual orientation. He’s a great player and everyone would be lucky to have him.”


For a group that wants to be treated like everyone else, gay people sure do flaunt their sexual preference in really obnoxious ways.


we have lost focus on what matters.  we applaud people announcing their lifestyle choices, miley cyrus and the khardasians and out gov't encourages people to be on food stamps, making illegal aliens legal, and spending money to stop cigarette smoking but legalizing pot.  what the heck happened here?  dont even get me started on the govt printing money like it is wall paper.  end of days, man, just like the last 50 years of the roman empire. rant over.