Posted February 10, 2014

Report: Albert Pujols, Jack Clark come to resolution in defamation lawsuit

Angels slugger Albert Pujols has resolved a lawsuit with another former Cardinals slugger. (Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

Angels slugger Albert Pujols has resolved a lawsuit with another former Cardinals slugger. (Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

Former St. Louis Cardinals sluggers Albert Pujols and Jack Clark have agreed to a resolution that will allow both parties to avoid a defamation lawsuit, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Derrick Goold reported Monday.

As part of the resolution, Pujols dropped his lawsuit, which he had filed in response to Clark’s comments on his local sports radio show, “The King and The Ripper,” last year. He said on the show that he knew “for a fact” that Pujols had used performance-enhancing drugs.

As for his end of the deal, Clark issued the following public retraction, according to the Post-Dispatch:

“I would like to address Albert Pujols’ pending defamation lawsuit and re-confirm that I have no knowledge whatsoever that Mr. Pujols has ever used illegal or banned PEDs. I publicly retract my statements that Albert Pujols used such substances. During a heated discussion on air, I misspoke and for that I sincerely apologize.”

In a statement, Pujols said he “accepted Jack Clark’s retraction and apology to resolve my lawsuit against him and clear my name.”

Clark was fired from his radio show following his comments.

Pujols played 11 seasons in St. Louis during a historic start to his major-league career. The 34-year-old signed with the Los Angeles Angels after the 2011 season.

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I think Albert is a juicer, but he has a lot more money than Jack Clark, so he could ruin Clark with endless "lawfare."  

I also think that Clark's credible-sounding source, clammed up and slunk away at the first sign of trouble, as so often happens unfortunately.  Deep-pockets bullies like Pujols (yes, I called Albert a bully) can afford the "lawfare" to make that happen. 

P.S. I was a huge Albert Pujols fan when he was in St. Louis.  Given his no-class departure from St. Louis, his inexplicable failure in California, and this whole thing, I think he's a creep and a bully.


I liked Albert when he was with the CARD's but he is a Juicer, look at how his Body is just Breaking Down now, should have NEVER left St.Louis. Idiot that had 10 Straight Amazing Season's of 100 RBI's, 100 Run's, 30+ Home Run's & Hitting over .300 but now that'll ALWAYS be questioned.