Posted February 07, 2014

Turkish official: Passenger tried to divert plane to Sochi with bomb threat

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Sochi (Damien Meyer)

The Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Olympics was on Friday. (Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

According to a Turkish official, an Istanbul-bound plane landed safely after a passenger claiming there was a bomb on board tried to divert it to Sochi, Russia, the Associated Press reports. The Winter Olympics began Thursday in Sochi.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the Interfax news agency, later reported that the man was “heavily drunk.” No one was injured, and the paper reported that the man hadn’t entered the plane’s cockpit.

Habib Soluk, Turkey’s transport ministry undersecretary, told a television station that the plane was traveling from Ukraine. It landed at Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul.

“While the plane was in the air, one of the passengers said that there was a bomb on board and asked the plane to not land in Sabiha Gokcen but rather to land in Sochi,” Soluk said Friday on CNNTurk.

At the time this story was posted, the Associated Press reports authorities are attempting to convince the passenger to give himself up. The Journal‘s report, citing a TV news channel, said he had “been rendered ineffective.”


So sorry some drunk on an airplane inspired a drunk to post some unibomber-inspired diatribe. Or he may have been inspired by the idiot truther who spoiled the interview with the SB MVP last week.


This is not news for SI. 

Like the "toothpaste" terrorist talking points, it is not news at all.

Whether crimes are committed in "name of a political or religious cause" is irrelevant. That entire line of Bush Administration conditioning is a farce. Tell me, if the mere specific intent to DO THE ACT with FORESEEABLE INJURY is sufficient to constitute an actionable criminal offense- what difference does it make if made as a "terrorist", a circus clown or disgruntled worker that is furloughed because the Congress REFUSES to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION and RAISE REVENUE by COLLECTING TAXES lawfully OWED TO THE STATE (and People) since 2000.

Do the Market Players that rule the Tea Party ruled GOP really believe they can REFUSE to pay for the remediation costs? What, does the GOP think it can “refuse” to RAISE REVENUE to PAY for the PROXIMATE CAUSE of the environmental DAMAGES their own “deregulation” agenda foreseeably caused? Consider yourself on ACTUAL NOTICE, Several States. This is going to go disastrously wrong and COST TRILLIONS. I may be a Killer Whale ironically trapped in the melting Arctic ice, but even I can see the Market Players premeditated attempts to BRIBE Congress to unlawfully “immunize” them for such conduct tends to PROVE that they too, know it will be disastrous. How is THAT FACT not more “reprehensible” than “Benghazi” or “the IRS scandal- you know, where the very vehicles and agents of CORRUPTION tried to “blame” the IRS for investigating their vehicles’ self-evident violation of tax-exempt status?



Now, of course, after LOBBYING to emasculate the Several States ability to use Eminent Domain powers (see, e.g., abolition of invaluable Redevelopment Agencies in CA) under the auspices of “ideological” precepts that “serve as a litmus test” for partisan loyalty want to (drudown, I can write this) “magically bequeath” EMINENT DOMAIN POWERS TO FOREIGN CORPORATIONS VIA THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP.

That is no longer “negligent” official conduct. To “fast track” ANY legislation or faux “trade agreement” that INJURES the People’s DUE PROCESS RIGHTS (uh, hello?) and IMPUGNS the Several States’ 10th Amendment rights is CRIMINAL. It is TREASON. The FACT these CORRUPT “leaders” want to create this “Filibuster” blockade of CONSTITUTIONALLY PRESCRIBED FUNCTIONS (e.g., judicial appointments, et al.) and, what, then “fast track” this unlawful “Trojan Horse” that will DAMAGE the People, Nation and RULE of LAW? My god, WHO IS BEHIND IT? Why does the “unlawfully shut down the government” GOP spend the taxpayers money trying to “repeal” the COST-SAVING ACA…but NOT investigate WHERE the MONEY CORRUPTING the process is coming from when the net result of the “will of the money base” is WEAKENING or FORESEEABLY INJURING the People? My god, “cut benefits” as you REFUSE to APPLY the Income Tax EQUALLY? Real American lives/rights/property interests are going to suffer, PERISH or otherwise by adversely affected- our “leaders” cannot just “pretend” they cannot “change course” and ADVANCE A COMPELLING STATE INTEREST as the RULE of LAW requires.

Show us the LEGAL AUTHORITY that purports to JUSTIFY ADVERSELY AFFECTING our NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS. I’m serious. If the Constitution REQUIRES the Congress RAISE REVENUE…why are you even WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY quibbling over some “paid for” Debt Ceiling Act.     

So just to clarify? This person that engaged in attempted hijacking has some "standing" to affect World Events?

I hereby move the Congress to take Judicial Notice that the express language of Article I, Section 8 supersedes the Debt Ceiling Act and the Congress is estopped from even making official statements or suggesting the government could “shut down” if you REFUSE to exercise PLENARY POWER to COLLECT TAXES ALREADY EARNED AND OWED TO THE PEOPLE FROM CORPORATION SINCE 2000.

Is there not a crystal clear hierarchy of Federal Law? An act of Congress CANNOT “overrule” or “impede” express FUNCTIONS of the PEOPLE’s government.

Yes or No.

People should review the FACTS on the UNLAWFUL Trans-Pacific Partnership. Not to sound flippant, but you cannot credibly contend that the purported "sonar harm" to cetaceans or annoyance of whale watching tours is material compared to the BREACH of DUTY and SUBVERSION OF our own SOVEREIGNTY such "trade agreements" purport (albeit UNCONSTITUTIONALLY) to "create" with NO CONSIDERATION to the People. ALL of the “waivers” and “immunities” and “exceptions” and “selective enforcement” in Federal Law since 2000 is NO DIFFERENT than FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS committed by an agent serving in an official capacity. I’m serious. Just because power is reposed in another does not “sanction” acts outside the course and scope of lawful conduct.

“What, we have badges so it’s different?” – Officer Hoyt, Training Day


OK, OK, look we've landed in Sochi. What? No, no, the snow is up in the mountains. What? Oh yes, all incoming Sochi commercial flights are greeted by a large squad of Turkish police. It's our way of saying welcome to Sochi !!



It's totally relevant why terrorists do what they do because that is how we define the enemy.

So sorry you're too politically correct to want to understand reality.

Go back to whatever little left-wing cocoon you live in, and let the grown-ups on the front lines protect your rights to be such a fool -- but as your part of the bargain, SHUT UP.