Posted February 06, 2014

Philadelphia mayor wants city to host a Super Bowl

The Bear and Eagles will face each other at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday night in Week 16. (Drew Hallowell/ Getty Images)

Philadelphia officials hope that a Super Bowl will be played at Lincoln Financial Field. (Drew Hallowell/ Getty Images)

Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter said that his city wants to host a Super Bowl because of the success of last weekend’s game in the New York/New Jersey area.

The weather ended up being a non-factor in the Seattle Seahawks 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos, but transportation problems held up fans for hours.

“Heck, yeah, we want it,” Nutter said, via “And we can do it better than anyone else.”

“It would provide a substantial economic benefit to the city and its growing hospitality sector,” Nutter said. “It would mean an international focus on a city that is emerging as a desired destination for international visitors. And it would offer us the opportunity to market Philadelphia to a national audience.”

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has said he wants the game to be played at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

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The NFL has yet to award the 2019 Super Bowl, which will be the next chance for Philadelphia to submit its bid for the game. The next three Super Bowls will be played in Glendale, Ariz., Santa Clara, Calif., and Houston.


Fantastic. So we're now supposed to move the Super Bowl from New York, the 6th Circle of Hell, to the 7th.

Joe R2
Joe R2

I know 31 better cities that could host the Super Bowl.... Well, not 31, maybe only 30.  Because Green Bay is a village that only has like 2 hotels...


Hell yeah Mr. Mayor!  Bring it to the Cradle of Liberty!  

(i mean Jacksonville got a SB or crissakes!)

Joe R2
Joe R2


And most people acknowledge that Jacksonville was a disaster.  Not enough hotels or entertainment...  Philly is probably a cool city but the fans and their reputation will deter the game from going there.  Nobody wants to go to a city and dodge batteries if they're wearing another jersey.