Posted January 30, 2014

David Ortiz seeking one-year extension with Red Sox

David Ortiz batted .309/.395/.565 last season. (Ron Vesely/Getty Images)

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz batted .309 last season. (Ron Vesely/Getty Images)

Boston slugger David Ortiz said he had conversations recently with Red Sox management about his future with the team and asked for a one-year extension when his current contract is up at the end of next season.

The nine-time All-Star, who has won three World Series with the Red Sox, signed a two-year, $26 million deal with Boston in 2012 and had hinted earlier this week at possibly leaving Boston before the end of his career, telling WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton, “hopefully, I won’t have to go and wear another uniform.” In that interview, Ortiz left the door open for when he plans on retiring, saying, “I could be two years, three years or 10 years. You never know.”

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Ortiz backed off that statement about possibly playing elsewhere with an interview on WEEI-Boston. He said contract talks with Boston are going well and he hopes to reach a one-year deal with the team to keep him with the Red Sox:

“We’re good. We’re good. We talked, they’re talking and I just asked for one year. I didn’t ask for anything crazy. It wasn’t like I asked for a five-year deal. It’s a one-year extension I asked for…I was asking for a one-year extension for next year. I think, like I say, I think we had a great season last year and I’m walking into free agency after this season. We had a conversation, they’re outlining what they plan on doing and they’re going to come back to me with their answer at some point. … Everything is going well. We had a great conversation. They are happy about what we talked about. I don’t even know why people are spreading bad rumors.”

Those comments echo statements he made to earlier in January about contract negotiations. In that interview — prior to hinting this week about possibly playing elsewhere — Ortiz said that he doesn’t anticipate “any complication” with talks between him and the Red Sox.

“We are talking. I don’t think there’s going to be any complication. I just want to get one more year extension. . . . My agents and the front office, they’ve been talking, and I think at some point we are going to get it done.”

Ortiz finished this past season batting .309 with 70 extra-base hits during 138 games, capping off the year by being named World Series MVP.

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cmon man.  its totally normal from being a .275 career hitter to a powerhouse lowball hitter in a rinkydink park.  Def not the drugs.  He has to cash in on MVP postseason last year.

He has won 3 rings in his career.  But next to those rings belong a needle.  


Thank god the NL won't need to see this steroid laden pig. One trick pony all the way. The DH is a disgrace to us baseball purists.


@MrArlington  And where is your evidence? His name was on a list, but he has never tested positive. You should really check your info before you write anything seeing how you are the most negative person on here.


@MrArlington @oasis1994  his best hr years are after the report and about right for prime hr years. plus

On the same day, the Major League Baseball Players Association issued a statement[28] pointing out that because of several factors, any player appearing on the list compiled by the federal government in 2003 did not necessarily test positive for performance enhancing drugs.[29] Among those factors were that the total number of players said to be on the list far exceeded the number of collected specimens that tested positive. In addition, there were questions raised regarding the lab that performed the testing and their interpretation of the positive tests. Also, the statement pointed out that certain legal supplements that were available over the counter at the time could possibly cause a positive test result.

so there is a possibility he could have tested for a non ped.