Posted January 20, 2014

Emory University study: Seahawks’ Richard Sherman received as many positive tweets as negative

This play made by Richard Sherman sent Seattle to the Super Bowl. Paul Kitagaki Jr./Sacramento Bee/MCT via Getty Images)

This play by Richard Sherman sent Seattle to the Super Bowl. (Paul Kitagaki Jr./Sacramento Bee/MCT via Getty Images)

While Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was getting his fair share of criticism for his interview with Erin Andrews following the NFC Championship on social media, Sherman seems to be getting some positive feedback as well.

According to an Emory Sports Marketing Analytics study, there were as many positive tweets mentioning Sherman as there were negative tweets.

The study collected tweets in a ten-hour period following Seattle’s 23-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

SHERMAN: To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse …’

The study selected any tweet that had the following:  “Seattle”, “Seahawks”, or “Sherman”.  Then those selected tweets were coded as having “positive”, “negative”, or “neutral” sentiment.

Sherman had a 1:1 positive to negative ratio, according to the study.


When you consider that more of the positive tweets were from the Seattle area and the other 50% were from all over the country it's pretty easy to see that most people find Sherman is a big mouth blowhard that is a disgrace to a good Seahawk team.  


Hypothetically, those positive comments would be offset by the  "I'm absolutely disgusted by the hateful racist vitriol hurled at Richard Sherman that are even worse than the unsportsmanlike comments he made in the heat of battle."


So a hypothetical tweet reading "I'm so happy the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl" or "Seattle is a beautiful city" would count as a positive tweet regarding Sherman's interview?  Please tell me the study was more complex than that.