Posted January 15, 2014

Lions WR Calvin Johnson has surgery on knee, finger

Calvin Johnson led the Detroit Lions in receptions this season with 84. (Michael DeHoog/Getty Images)

 Calvin Johnson averaged a career-high 17.8 yards per reception this past season. (Michael DeHoog/Getty Images)

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson had surgery to repair minor injuries to his knee and finger, Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said.

Johnson missed two games with the knee injury, but still caught 84 passes for 1,492 yards and 12 touchdowns this season.

“He played the entire season with a finger really that was pointing perpendicular from his body the whole season,” Mayhew said, via “He’s trying to catch the ball like that. He would never complain about that, but certainly that was a factor, I think, in the way he played.”

Johnson reportedly was dealing with PCL sprain for most of the season, but Mayhew said that the surgery wasn’t related to that.

 “No, it was just a minor scope. He’s going to be fine,” Mayhew said.

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Johnson, 28, became the first receiver to rack up 5,000 receiving yards in any three-year span.



Jerry Rice also played his last several seasons as a pretty mediocre receiver on several different teams. He just wouldn't quit.  He also said he wasn't getting enough respect AFTER he was named MVP of either the SB or Offensive Player of the Year, I forget which.  If Calvin and Jerry were on the same SF team, who do U think would hang bigger numbers?  Rice was a tremendous receiver,  but GOAT?  Nope.  CJ is a freak of nature.  Megatron would eat his lunch.


So HE is the one that actually got signed up on the Obamacare website?


Ouch, just heard he's going to be out for the 2014 season.


Anyone with a brain knew he was playing hurt. So everyone talking about how he drops easy passes needs to stfu and stop talking about sports. Johnson is the best wide receiver ever. If he had a competent coach (like Bill Walsh) and a competent QB (like Montana) he would put up beyond absurd numbers. 


@TheDistrict   There are different ways to define the best ever.  Calvin is easily the best receiver in the game today and he is shooting up the list of best receivers ever.

Regardless of his production and how crazy it is, he will not come close to the longevity of Jerry Rice.  If Calvin has a few more seasons of crazy numbers then we'll know while he was better, more dominant in his prime than Rice, he still won't last as long or put up the overall career numbers that Rice did.

It's kind of like Pedro Martinez the pitcher who was crazy good, had an amazing peak and comparing him to Greg Maddux.  Greg had an amazing 7 yr stretch too but Pedro's was a bit better.

But, Pedro only threw a bit over 2,800 innings in his career and Greg threw over 5,000 innings in his career.

Pedro didn't pitch as many innings each season and certainly didn't come close to pitching as long as Greg did.

People say Pedro had a 2.93 ERA lifetime and Greg's was 3.16.

Well if Pedro had pitched another 2,200 innings and threw those innings as he was older obviously, his ERA would have risen from where it was when he retired.

My point is that both Pedro and Greg were amazing pitchers but they were different.  You'd take Pedro for his dominant 6 yr stretch or so but you'd choose Greg if you wanted 20 plus years of pitching excellence instead of a much shorter stretch.

That is what is going to happen with Calvin.  He will be Pedro.  He is an amazing receiver and he's putting up pinball numbers and just might be the most dominant receiver with the most dominant stretch of seasons but he'll fall well short of the overall career dominance that Jerry had.

In their own way, each has a case for the best receiver ever with Calvin being the best, most dominant receiver in a 5 yr stretch or so and Rice having the best overall career as a receiver.


@TheDistrictI agree w/ most of your rant.....however, he already is putting up historical numbers.