Posted January 15, 2014

Floyd Mayweather: Desperate Manny Pacquiao won’t be next opponent

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The one judge who scored the Mayweather-Alvarez bout a draw has stepped down. (Al Bello/Getty Images

In his last fight, Floyd Mayweather dominated Canelo Alvarez, scoring a majority decision. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather said that he has been trying for years to fight Manny Pacquiao, but says that he will not be his next opponent.

Mayweather’s next fight will be May 3, but he hasn’t announced an opponent although he did name Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana as possible opponents.

His last fight was a majority decision victory against Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 14 that earned him at least $41.5 million in guaranteed money.

“I offered Manny Pacquiao the fight before,” Mayweather said, via the Associated Press. “We didn’t see eye to eye on terms. Years later we come back and I try and make the fight happen again. I offer him $40 million. He said he wanted 50-50. So we didn’t make the fight happen.

Mayweather, (45-0, 26 knockouts), a five-division world champion, made the comments while visiting South Africa.  He says that Pacquiao’s performances in the ring lately proves he doesn’t belong in the ring with him.

“All of a sudden, he loses to Timothy Bradley, he loses to Marquez … he has tax problems now. So, two losses and tax problems later, now he all of a sudden want to say: `You know what? I’d do anything to make the fight happen,’ when he’s really saying: `Floyd, can you help me solve my tax problems, get me out of debt?’”


If Pacquiao leaves Bob Arum there are no more Top Rank and HBO. There's only TMT, Showtime and GBP. These groups of bullies would force Pacquiao to submit to all their demands. No PPV cuts, 40 Million flat or lowball him due to his recent losses. At the end, it may be bad for him to leave due to the fact that Arum already allowed MP promotions to talk directly with TMT team to begin with.

The drug speculations about Pacquiao were unfounded and his team counter sued by digging into Floyd’s and Oscar’s previous fights where there were speculated cover ups. Floyd settled and paid Pacquiao while GBP issued an apology and even praised Pacquiao.

You can check the links below:

Pacquiao will be at such disadvantage if he will be tested under USADA who covered big name fighters under GBP and TMT. With Top Rank, they can request VADA to run the tests against Floyd Mayweather who has been previously proven a drug user to even up the playing field. There was a speculation he refused to allow VADA when Top Rank mentioned to be included on the contract. If he refuses then he is hiding something. His demands of drug testing will turn out to be PONY. Is Floyd Mayweather a horse or DONKEY?

Don’t you just agree that at his age with previous injuries there must be a special anti-oxidant he has been drinking or taking to look stronger while he gets older?

Manny Pacquiao and Top Rank are better to match Floyd Mayweather and his team than one Manny Pacquiao alone.


FAKE DRUG TESTING: If you are so smart you should be able to figure all this out

He got the balls because he was always protected to begin with. The Showtime controls the show, the promotions control the USADA. They will never let anyone find out that's what they are doing in order to protect the drug cheating and take all the money. Top Rank will bring in VADA side by side USADA. They won’t allow Top Rank screw them up. That’s the best alibi for Floyd to get a pass for testing. As a fan, wake up!

Floyd tells people he wants to clean up the sport of boxing but he was the one caught cheating using prohibited drugs substance. Fighters will be at such disadvantage when they face him because he was not playing in an even field. Floyd was so arrogant in accusing Manny Pacquiao of wrong doing and confident if he ever tested positive that he will never get caught because USADA is on his side. But time is turning against him now that VADA is available out there to stand against him once he agreed to fight Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao’s team will be smart enough to use both VADA where Conte is one of the governing bodies, and USADA where Heredia leads the testing in this organization, which conducts tests on all Mayweather fights and paid to conceal result if he ever found positive.

If you go back in the history of both, Heredia, the CLEAR scientist sided with FBI to convict CONTE that supplied CLEAR to MARION JONES, BARRY BONDS and other baseball athletes suspected and found using steroids. Victor Conte and Memo Heredia used to work together at BALCO – Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative. 

There’s a saying, once a cheater will always be CHEATER. Many believed Floyd was using the prohibited drugs to take advantage of his opponent in the ring and maybe still is to this day. You will notice the difference with his conditioning and performance especially with Canelo. Same thing can be said with Marquez who all of a sudden became so much stronger while they get older. 

These two will be hard to catch with the drug testing if USADA alone will perform the test that favors Floyd where Heredia is also directly involved. Opposing fighters should ask for VADA as neutral party to join a stiffer drug testing to catch fighters protected by USADA.                


Ah boxing, Imagine if the winner of  Sundays AFC game decided they were not gonna play the winner of the NFC  but instead choose to play a team that didnt even make the playoffs for the superbowl. Besides having at anytime 3 or more "world campions"  in each of their 20 or so divisions. 

I bet that the guys running boxing today could ruin the NFL in less then 2years if they took over the NFL.


You don't really understand boxing do you? Is Manny the number one contender and has Floyd been told he has to fight him? No and no. This is a fight the people wanted. The so-called glamour matchup between the two fighters deemed to have the best skills, etc. Boxing, just like football, is about money. Would a guy with a 7-9 record be fighting for a world title? Probably not, but the Seahawks were in the playoffs a few years ago with that record and were two wins from the Super Bowl, which, in essence, is the football world title.