Posted January 03, 2014

Colts avoid Chiefs playoff game blackout

The Colts needed an extension to sell remaining 1,200 tickets. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Colts needed an extension to sell their remaining 1,200 tickets. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts’ playoff game against the Chiefs this Saturday will not be blacked out after a corporate sponsor bought the remaining unsold tickets, the team announced Friday.

Regional superstore Meijer purchased the 1,200 tickets for AFC playoff game with plans to give them to local military families.

NFL teams face local television blackouts if they don’t sell out a home game. The Colts had been granted a blackout extension through Friday afternoon. While tickets can be purchased for 34 cents on the dollar during the regular season, postseason rules require remaining tickets be purchased at full price.

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In December, the Federal Communications Commission proposed ending local television blackouts. The NFL said it would “strongly oppose” any changes to the rule.

The Bengals and Packers are also working under extensions to sell out their playoff games.


Thanks to the packers fans out there for proving you are a pathetic miserable fanbase.


As I said before, if the NFL wants to assure themselves losing the fight with the FCC, all they need to do is black out these games.  The Senators and Congressman of those area's will be sitting on the panel questioning why the FCC has allowed this for so long.