Posted January 02, 2014

Nuggets guard Andre Miller rips coach Brian Shaw after benching

(Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

Nuggets guard Andre Miller is averaging career lows in points and minutes per game. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

Denver Nuggets veteran guard Andre Miller is having issues with head coach Brian Shaw and took Shaw to task after the team’s eighth straight loss, a 114-102 setback to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday.

Miller did not play against the 76ers even though he was healthy.

According to the Denver Post’s Christopher Dempsey, Miller yelled about being disrespected because he was not playing.

Miller, 37, is playing a career-low 19 minutes per game this season, down from 26.2 minutes last year.

More from the Denver Post:

And if he was being disrespected, he’d do the same to the Nuggets’ first-year head coach.

“There’s a time and place for everything,” Shaw said. “In the middle of the arena in front of everyone … I just tried to calm it down.

Asked if Miller understood the reasons for his one-game seat on the bench, Shaw said, “You’ll have to ask him.”

But by that time, Miller had already left.

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Denver (14-17) is on its longest losing streak since the end of the 2002-03 season.


Losing Andre Iguodala and Corey Brewer is a good way to go from being the best transition offense to being an average one.  This team can't survive with an average transition offense.  


I have said it a hundred times, firing Coach of the Year George Karl was about the stupidest thing I had heard of. This trend of hiring "player coaches" that try to be the players buddies instead of coaching them up, Most of these players are man children that still need to be mentored and taught, and guided, not patted on the back and told, "now lets go score some points out there!". It may work in Miami, but with all that talent a monkey could "coach" there.


@mysteryman You don't seem to know much about basketball, coaching, or professional athletes in general. You certainly don't understand anything about how unique the challenges in Miami are and how much value an Eric Spoelstra and Pat Riley are, not to mention the ridiculously good assistant coaches there as well.

George Karl never won any big games. Never took the seriously talented teams to the top (teams with so much talent that a monkey could have done it with the level of talent right?). 

Brian Shaw much like Mark Jackson will be top NBA coaches like Doc Rivers in a few years. Golden State might be there already. You are an idiot a loser and a hater period