Posted December 30, 2013

Texas AD Steve Patterson: Wants coaching search done by Jan. 15

Texas head coach Mack Brown is 157-45 since arriving in Austin in 1998. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Texas head coach Mack Brown had a 158-45 record in 16 seasons with the school. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Texas athletic director Steve Patterson said Monday before the Alamo Bowl that he hopes to have a new coach in place before the recruiting dead period ends on Jan. 15.

Texas seeks to replace Mack Brown, who resigned earlier this month after 16 years at the school.

“We have to be back open for business in the middle of the month once the dead period ends,” Patterson said, via the Austin American-Statesman. “Oh, I think we’ve got to be done by then.

“The coach has to put together a staff and get up and running, keep the recruits we got and fill up any spots we’ve got open.”

Patterson said the school will honor scholarship offers for those gave oral commitment for the 2014 class, but declined to say who he has talked to about the coaching job.

“The guys we’re talking to probably aren’t filling out applications It’s a great job, there’s a lot of interest,” Patterson said. “We’ll get through the next week or so and get to the point of having  a new football coach. That’s where we want to be.”


Both Briles and Fisher just signed lengthy extensions to their contracts with generous pay bumps; neither of them is going anywhere. The HORNS frustrations this decade have tarnished their star a bit, and they can't just point to whoever they like and get them anymore (despite what their fans think). They will still get a good coach, but he will likely come from a smaller school, rather than stealing from another traditional power. So there's a risk his bump up among elites may fall short. Even under ideal conditions (with no other problems arising... and that's a big IF), it will still take them a season or two of adjustment. Anyone predicting instant success is delusional. It WAS time for Mack to go... that's not debated, but there's no guarantee of success with his replacement, either.


Briles would be the best choice.  The dude could lock Texas hs talent down; (he's a Texas hs football coach and hs coaches around Texas love him) and shut down the gains that the Aggies/SEC have made while Brown was polishing his fupa.


@Chessmaster i completely agree with top choice is Charlie Strong for their next coach.