Posted December 12, 2013

Warriors’ Jermaine O’Neal to undergo arthroscopic surgery on wrist

The surgery could end Jermaine O'Neal's season. (Bill Baptist/NBA via Getty Images)

The surgery could end Jermaine O’Neal’s season. (Bill Baptist/NBA via Getty Images)

Golden State Warriors forward Jermaine O’Neal will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist Friday, the team said. The Warriors said that O’Neal has a torn ligament in his right wrist.

A timetable for his return will be assessed after his surgery, the Warriors said.

O’Neal has been playing with the wrist injury for the past few weeks. He told The San Jose Mercury News that he was seeing a specialist on Thursday. The surgery will likely end his season, and possibly the 35-year-old’s career.

“I can’t even pull a sheet over me without feeling it,” he told the Mercury News. “I’ve never been stabbed, but it feels like a deep stab.”

In 18.6 minutes per game this season, O’Neal was averaging 6.2 points and 4.5 rebounds per game for the Warriors.


Anyone surprised he is hurt? Season ending injury, sounds familiar. I wonder how many games he actually has played in his career? Millions and Millions for this fragile man to sit in the Dr's office with a Readers Digest.  I will admit, he has been great for the few games he gets to play in.


Didn't know he even still was in the league


NO J O!  You can't go out like this!  Come back next year!