Posted December 11, 2013

Ajax fans stabbed prior to AC Milan Champions League match

Ajax fans journeyed to Milan for their Champions League match. (Getty Images)

Ajax fans followed their club to Milan for their Champions League match. (Getty Images)

Three Ajax fans were hospitalized after being stabbed prior to the club’s Champions League match at AC Milan on Wednesday, according to Italian media reports.

ANSA reported that one Ajax fan was listed in serious condition after being stabbed in the abdomen and was undergoing surgery. Another Ajax fan was stabbed in the buttocks after also being attacked by Milan supporters. The third victim was stabbed in the thigh.

The assaults — along with three additional minor injuries — occurred near Milan’s San Siro stadium.

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A group of Ajax fans confronted protesters earlier, with reports of bottles being thrown at shops and passersby in the center of Milan.


You are so right, this has never happened in any other sport.



it happens on occasion in other sports.  in soccer, it happens FREQUENTLY where players, referees, and fans are stabbed and killed.

ride a d1ck


@colinmmulligan Except that it actually does happen. example - Dodgers' fans beating up Giants' fans; fans stabbed in Denver last night; fans stabbed at Kansas City a month ago; a fan attacked at San Francisco earlier this season. Yeah, it never happens in any other sport.