Posted December 09, 2013

Mike Shanahan may not start Robert Griffin III this Sunday

Robert Griffin III may not start for the Redskins on Sunday. (Washington Post/Getty Images)

Robert Griffin III may not start for the Redskins on Sunday. (Washington Post/Getty Images)

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has not named a quarterback for this week’s game, citing concerns for Robert Griffin III’s health going into the offseason, according to Albert Breer of

Shanahan told reporters that he was still considering who to start for the team’s upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons, and that he would make a decision on Wednesday.

Griffin has taken 38 sacks this year, the fifth most of any quarterback in the league.

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RGIII suffered an injury to his LCL late last season and received further knee damage in the team’s playoff loss to the Seahawks, requiring him to have surgery and miss all of the team’s preseason games.


RG3 is NOT the problem, folks- it's his coaches (specifically those with last names begin with "SH" and they look like subway rats) and GM that are dysfunctional. 


I hope RG3 sits the rest of the year ...Kirk plays well against the remaining subpar teams...and the Redskins can get a few draft picks for Kirk.... 
With the redskins coming out of salary cap jail, RG3 with an offseason to focus on football and not rehab... improvements in the defense (which i doubt can be worked over in one season) upgrade at wide receivers and 0-line the Redskins should challenge the Eagles for the division next year.. 

Mike Shan is no coach in my eyes . He quite on the team last year before they pulled offed that winning streak... and Rg3 kept on saying we have not given up... but this year just too many things wrong with the team to keep RG3 in the lineup
Now if i was a team like the Texans a Qb and a few pieces away and i see the dysfunctional in Washington, i would try to pull RG3 out of D.C.. but that would be thinking outside the box and some of these G.M are not known foreseeing things.. like alot of pro coaches fail at all the time on game...

and how quickly people forget..

Griffin 3,200 yrds pass... 815 rush yrds; 7 td's Rookie Record TD 20 5 ints 7 total turnovers passer rating 102.4 rookie record.. 65 % compltion..

Those who are against Griffin have there reasons but football ability should never be one of them if so all it shows you are lacking in smarts.. and if i was to post RG3 numbers this year you will see its in the area of Andrew luck,  Eli Manning and so on.... You will have you Hater like Cam Newton does because he refused to be the good little boy... not in point after losing last night A writer Freeman had a Bash article but he couldnt release it until the Panthers lost and last night he blamed the lost on Cam for not being great... ignoring all the 0-line trouble .. the lack of recievers and the trouble with there defensive secondary... If anything Cam should be praise for having the least weapons of all the top Qb's and manage to improve his team every year in the league...