Posted December 07, 2013

Marcus Lattimore placed on injured reserve, officially out for the season

Marcus Lattimore will have to wait until 2014 to play his first NFL game. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Marcus Lattimore will have to wait until 2014 to play his first NFL game. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Although he practiced fully for the past three weeks, the San Francisco 49ers have placed running back Marcus Lattimore on injured reserve, ending his season. And while he has not experienced any setbacks as he recovers from major knee surgery, he was never expected to be active this season.

The rookie is in the process of working his way back from a right knee injury that prematurely ended his college career at South Carolina. Before the injury, he was considered a first-round pick.

Instead, the 49ers drafted Lattimore in the fourth round, expecting 2013 to be a year for him to rehabilitate his knee. From’s report:

“This extra time is just going to give me enough time to get comfortable without the brace I was wearing and go out there and play like nothing ever happened,” Lattimore said.

Lattimore said Friday that he could play if necessary, but the 49ers don’t need another running back right now. From the report:

“If I had to play, I would play,” Lattimore told on Friday. “Without question, if they needed me, I could play. But they don’t need me right now.”


I did not see a single word in this article referring to the Seahawks.  Must be advanced worry about coming into Seattle to play.

So I'll take a stab at it and say Mike is either a SanFran fan or a "Who Dat" fan, both lost this season in the Emerald City and both will lose any playoff game they have there.  

On penalty calls, well it's a pretty well known fact that the refs could call a holding call on just about every snap, and I really wonder now days exactly what constitutes offensive or defensive pass interference.  Penalties, especially game changing ones seems to be a random, hit or miss deal (I can think of two recent ones involving the Pats, pass interference should have been called in one game and not in another - and both determined the games outcome.  So don't specifically cry that only the Seahawks have any advantage regarding penalties.

As for drug use, one can assume it is so prevalent among pro athletes that, again, I wouldn't out-of-hand say the Seahawks are any better or worse than it is everywhere else in the pro-sports world.

Conspiracy complaint Mike?  Naw, it's just sour grapes....


I know it's a minority opinion, but Seattle talks more than it delivers. I've been patiently waiting for the NFL and its sycophants like SI to take a look at how the Seahawks manipulate the rule books and their "enhanced crowd noise into a parlay for winning games. First there is the performance enhancing drugs. It is rampant on the Seahawks. Do you really think all of these accelerated improvement of average to good college players is not chemically induced? Sherman and Browner are poster boys, but the institutional ethic is "do it until you get caught" Secondly there is the gimmick of the crowd noise. Excited fans supporting their team is a basic ethic of football. Capturing the crowd noise and boosting it back through the PA system is not. It's a gimmick and ruins any thought of competitive balance. Finally, there is the intentional coaching of grabbing jerseys and face masks away from the ball. Carroll has been quoted as saying it doesn't get called often enough to not do it. That 6-2 box only works if you hold up the receivers and the Seahawks do that enough to make it work. If a ref throws a deserved flag the entire defensive backfield and sideline argue the call. If it happens at home the crowd heaps abuse. After the game they pin their loss on the refs.

Of course this sounds like a conspiracy complaint. It would take an accomplished scheme of cheating and a blind eye from the NFL. Could Pete Carroll get that far out of bounds? History speaks eloquently if you listen. Anomalies are the key to understanding. That Green Bay PI call last year was all one needs to consider the effect of an unbalanced field. I wonder how much smart money in Vegas goes against the spread when Seattle has a home game?


Oh, I almost forgot the main point I was going to say:

I sincerely hope Marcus Lattimore makes a full recovery and displays the same talent in the NFL as he did when he was Gamecock.