Posted November 23, 2013

Report: Jason Garrett to change Cowboys play-calling system

Jason Garrett refused to comment on who will call the Cowboys' plays in 2013. (Getty Images)

Jason Garrett received a vote of confidence from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. (Getty Images)

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is reinserting himself into the team’s play calling coming off the bye week, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder.

Offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will continue to make the initial play call from the coaching boothe, but quarterback coach Wade Wilson no longer will relay the call into the helmet receiver of quarterback Tony Romo. Garrett will now take Callahan’s call and — if he doesn’t change it — give the play to Romo. Garrett previously called the plays directly to Romo during his terms as offensive coordinator and head coach. Wilson will move upstairs from the sideline to the coaching booth to better assist Callahan in reading defensive coverages.

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The communication chain is designed to give Garrett added control over play calling after he — reportedly reluctantly — relinquished the duties to Callahan prior to the 2013 season.

The Cowboys have struggled offensively in the weeks prior to last weekend’s bye, and owner/general manager Jerry Jones said this week that he’s disappointed in the offense. Jones also said Garrett will return as Cowboys head coach in 2014.



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Really, so now the plays are going to go through an extra line?  Don't the Cowboys screw up time management enough already?  Just proves Ivy league smart and football smart are galaxies apart in NFL coaching relevance.


Like it matters? Still doesn't change how bad they are on defense. Unless this offensive change helps them score 50+ points per game, it won't matter who makes the calls on offense.