Posted November 15, 2013

Adrian Peterson: ‘I want to stay’ with Vikings

Adrian Peterson says allegations of HGH use "makes me feel good." (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Vikings back Adrian Peterson has rushed for over 9,600 yards in only 7 NFL seasons.  (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said he would like to stay with the team that drafted him, but understands that the NFL is a business and a team “would welcome me with open arms” if he was ever traded.

Peterson, 28, has 786 rushing yards and nine touchdowns this season and averages 4.5 yards a carry despite commanding eight-or-nine man defensive fronts.

“I definitely wouldn’t mind playing here,” Peterson said to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I feel like we have the right pieces, and we can continue to get some more pieces as well to help build this team and make us even stronger. … So, no, [I don't want to go elsewhere].”

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He acknowledged that he has been the subject of trade speculation because the team has been struggling this season.

“I understand that,” Peterson said. “I know this is a business and things like that happen. So if it happens, it happens. There’s not much I can’t handle. I’m sure someone will welcome me with open arms if they do decide to trade me. … But it’s a business, so if they trade me, then, hey.”


Ironicly, he could bring a few draft picks that's for sure. But realistically the fans would go nuts. If he was like 30 or 31 and slowing down, and he is already slowing down - IMHO he lost a half step, then it would make more sense but at that age your not going to get a lot. 


The Vikings would be stupid to trade Peterson.  They already traded Harvin, who, besides Peterson, was the best player they had when healthy.  There are rumors of trading, Jared Allan also, who might be the best defensive player they have  Guess if they do make a trade with another team, Frazier doesn't want his job.


Who are the flipping' moronic writers who even 'try' to start this controversy?