Posted October 25, 2013

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs doubtful for Sunday

Brandon Jacobs will likely be on the sidelines for the Giants' game against the Eagles on Sunday. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Brandon Jacobs will likely be on the sidelines for the Giants’ game against the Eagles. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Still battling an injured hamstring, Brandon Jacobs is doubtful for the Giants’ Week 8 game in Philadelphia, according to Conor Orr, the Giants’ beat writer for The Star-Ledger.

Jacobs, who hasn’t practiced all week, had his best game of the season against Chicago on Oct. 11, running for 106 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries, but he missed Monday night’s 23-7 win over Minnesota.

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That means newly-signed Peyton Hillis will likely be the featured back again. He ran for 36 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries and caught five passes for 45 yards in his Giants’ debut.

The Giants (1-6), who have lost eight in a row on the road, visit the Eagles (3-4) at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, as Philadelphia goes for its first season sweep of New York since 2010.


I'm not sure why this constitutes a news story.  Everyone, excluding Giants' front office, recognizes that Jacobs is an underachieving malcontent that doesn't want to play but does want to get paid. The Niners recognized it last year, which is why they gave Jacobs the boot just in time for the playoffs. He is a bum.

Joseph F
Joseph F

@Mark112 Everyone except for Mark112 recognizes that Brandon was and is valuable member of the team who is capable of running any and all defenders like a runaway freight train.  And the Niners have an idiot for a coach.


@Joseph F  

You're thinking of the old Brandon Jennings. You know, before success spoiled him. The only thing that Brandon is "running away" from now is his responsibility to his team and its shrinking number of fans. Speaking of "freight trains," Brandon will  probably be living on a freight train in a few years, aimlessly roaming from town to town as it were. The Giants might need Joe Morris to come out of retirement. You're right about the Niners' coach; he's always been a dummy, yet even he recognized that Brandon is a stiff. Frankly, Singletary and Mike Nolan should have gotten more credit for the Niners' success because they built the foundation.