Posted October 22, 2013

Elvis Dumervil’s ex-agent fined and suspended by the NFLPA

Marty Magid, the former agent of Elvis Dumervil, will be fined and suspended by the NFLPA.

Elvis Dumervil’s ex-agent has been suspended and fined by the NFLPA. (Rob Tringali/SportsChrome)

Marty Magid, the agent who failed to send a fax in time to secure Elvis Dumervil’s renegotiated contract, has been fined $25,000 and suspended from representing NFL players for six months, according to a report from FOX Sports.

Dumervil fired Magid after the Denver Broncos failed to receive paperwork accepting a restructured contract which both parties had agreed to by the deadline, causing the Broncos to release the three-time Pro Bowl defensive end. Dumervil later signed with the Ravens for a contract that will pay him $8.5 million this season.

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Magid has maintained that he was not at fault for the failed fax and says that it was foul play by the Broncos front office that caused the missed deadline.

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I think the fact that Elvis fired him speaks volumes about whose fault it was.  Hated to lose the guy.  

Elway has been spectacular in his decisions...but he's made two huge gaffs.  This is one.  Should have had the guy signed and in bed long before this.  Taking Monte Ball over Eddie Lacy was the other.  That should be haunting him for a long  long time.  I still gag when I think about that one.


Lowlife crook

and no ring for Elvis any time soon.