Posted October 23, 2013

Report: Dodgers fire top Don Mattingly assistant

The Los Angeles Dodgers fired bench coach Trey Hillman (right) (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Dodgers fired bench coach Trey Hillman (right), manager Don Mattingly’s top assistant. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Dodgers fired bench coach Trey Hillman a day after a press conference in which manager Don Mattingly expressed frustration with his current contact status.

The team also let go advance scout Wade Taylor, and athletic trainer Sue Falsone resigned Monday.

Mattingly’s $1.4 million option for next season was guaranteed when the Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves in the National League Division Series.

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The Dodgers have not announced any of the moves.

“This organization treated me great,” Hillman told “I think this organization wants to get somewhere real quick and they just didn’t feel like I was best for the manager and the players.”

“It didn’t shock me to hear what [Mattingly] had to say,” Hillman said. “When you’re in this market, there’s a lot of pressure on you and you need to have leverage.

Mattingly was on the verge of being fired in June when the team was at the bottom of the National League West. The team ended up winning the division but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in six games in the National League Championship Series.


Why would the Dodgers retain this guy??? Let's see there's Jim Leland, Dusty Baker etc.. Luck won't continue to save Donnie baseball...


Donnie Baseball must sacrifice a goat to the dark lord, Magic Johnson, rub himself with its blood and dance around it naked! Only then will Magic's vengeance be sated and will Donnie be allowed to continue to toss the Dodger's salads. Extra AIDs for everyone!


Most likely, this is a move to get Mattingly to leave on his own. Can't say I'm surprised. Can't say I'm surprised they let go of Falsone either. Too many injuries yet again this year.