Posted October 21, 2013

Grambling State football players end boycott


Grambling State football coach Doug Williams was fired two after two games. (Getty Images)

Grambling State fired coach Doug Williams two games into the 2013 season. (Getty Images)

Grambling State football players have ended their boycott that resulted in the cancellation of the Tigers’ game against Jackson State, according to Matt Vines of the Shreveport Times.

Vine quoted a statement issued by the team and presented by safety Naquan Smith. The statement said that the players decided to return after consulting with former head coach Doug Williams, who was fired on Sept. 11.

In a text message to USA Today on Friday, Williams said:

“I’m proud of them boys. They took a stance.”

DORHMANN: Why Grambling football players revolted

Last week, Grambling players cited dissatisfaction with the school’s administration as reason for their protest, which included walking out of a meeting with administrators, refusing to practice and not showing up for the team’s trip to Jackson.

The program has been in upheaval since Williams was fired two games into the Tigers’ 0-7 start. His replacement, George Ragsdale, was reassigned on Thursday and replaced by Dennis ”Dirt” Winston.

The Southwestern Athletic Conference announced on Sunday that it is working with Grambling officials to “ensure that the appropriate actions are made” to resolve the continuing standoff between the school’s football players and administration.

The SWAC said on Sunday night in a release that Grambling had not been fined for forfeiting its scheduled game on Saturday at Jackson State. SWAC Commissioner Duer Sharp had told the Associated Press on Friday that Grambling would be subject to a fine for forfeiting according to the league’s bylaws.


Now if the rest of college football ie the players would pay attention.. Get together and refuse to play for a few weeks they will see how fast college football would lose it's power over players... For those who want to get PAID is possible, screw the scholarships argument,  i do not think tens of thousands is a fair trade for the millions they make off these players.. a majority of college football players will never have that earning potential ever again in their lives.. So this Grambling thing could serve another purpose


None of those Grambling players matter in life. Welfare State -Food Stamp U- means nothing to the American public who work for a living.

Vinny Cordoba
Vinny Cordoba

if these players are paying their own way through school, fine. Boycott all you want. But if they are on scholarships provided by the university or athletic program, then I have a big problem with this boycott. They didn't sign to play for Doug Williams University. They signed to play with Grambling University. A lot of fans and the opposing team were left in the cold by this boycott, not to mention all the stadium employees and others who didn't get a chance to earn their pay. If the players want to take a real stand, they should give up their scholarships. That's taking a stand because they give up something. Boycotting one game doesn't cost them anything.