Posted October 14, 2013

Broncos LB Von Miller: ‘I don’t have a substance-abuse problem’

Broncos linebacker Von Miller says he doesn't have a substance abuse problem. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Broncos linebacker Von Miller is about to return from a six-game suspension. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

For the six games that Denver Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller had been out serving a suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse program and trying to cheat the NFL’s testing system, the team did just fine, going 6-0.

With the suspension now over, Miller can attend meetings and be part of the team. Although the NFL suspended him, Miller says he does not a have a drug problem.

“I don’t have a substance-abuse problem,” Miller said to the Denver Post. “I feel like I’ve definitely made some mistakes in the past. I can’t shy away from that. But I’m working hard to fix it. I’m working hard to gain everybody’s trust back.

“All I can ask is people judge me from my actions going forward. I’m working hard to gain trust back. I’m very confident I’ll be able to do that.”

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Miller, who lost more than $806,000 in salary during the suspension, says he just wants to get back to playing football.

“It hasn’t gone by fast, though,” he said. “A lot of people have said it went by fast. It hasn’t. It wasn’t easy. And I don’t want to get away from that. I want to stay with that focus that it’s not easy.”

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Well he certainly has an honesty and integrity problem.

It's exasperating that this spoiled man-child has never thought it appropriate to apologize to anyone at all -- even his team, his fans, etc. -- over getting himself banned for 6 games because he tried to bribe a freaking tester.

He talks about gaining back trust, and yet it doesn't occur to this clown that he's already off to a bad start on that score by never saying he's sorry.  When Miller talks about his 'mistakes', I strongly suspect the mistakes as he characterizes them to himself simply equate to the sole mistake of getting *caught*.


If you have to tell multiple people that you dont have a drug problem, you probably do have one. People dont just pull guesses out of the air and accuse people.


Amazing the similarities between Aldon Smith and Von Miller... Sad to see such squandering of talent.

Think of how amazing the 2011 draft was for defensive players... Miller, A. Smith and Watt were among the highest ranked defensive players in Player Poll.


Denial ain't no river in Egypt.