Posted October 09, 2013

Report: Bears WR Brandon Marshall can wear green shoes after all – but he’ll be fined

Brandon Marshall said he will wear green shoes in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Brandon Marshall said he will wear green shoes for Mental Health Awareness Week. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Despite reports that the NFL will not let Bears receiver Brandon Marshall on the field wearing green shoes against the Giants Thursday night, Pro Football Talk reports a league official said Marshall will be allowed to play in the shoes, but will be fined later.

Marshall, who is wearing green shoes in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, said he planned to pay the fine and match it with a donation to a charity.

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There is league precedent for allowing non-conforming shoes on the field. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $5,250 for wearing green shoes, while his teammates wore grey shoes, in Week Four.


Goodell says he wants to raise awareness about concussions.  Here's a player wanting to do something to help raise awareness for mental health by wearing green cleets.  Goodell says go ahead but I'll fine you if you do??

What a absolute hypocrate.  All this proves is that at the end of the day they couldn't care less about raising awareness or player safety.  All they care about is the dollar.  

Roger says he wants to make the game safer for players, raise awareness.  Yet you read things like this.  I also read yesterday that he wants to add another two teams to the playoffs and extending the season.  Yeah, that's helping player safety.  Lets just make them go out there and play two additional games a year so he can pocket more money and the players can run the possibility of more injuries or concussions.

What did he say once, "I understand because I played the game."  Give me a break.  He never played a down of professional ball in his life.  Peewee/high school and college don't count.  

God I miss Pete Rozelle!!!!


But the pink cleats are OK, if they are league-sanctioned?


Marshall should actually welcome a fine.

By issuing a fine and affirming their reputation as the No Fun League, they are drawing more attention to Marshall's actions and hopefully more awareness of mental health issues.


@radioactivez0r well the NFL sells and then pockets 90% of the money they get for any of their pink merch.