Posted October 04, 2013

Brian Cushing cleared to start on Sunday after concussion

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing cleared NFLconcussion protocols, and will play on Sunday.

Brian Cushing has been cleared to play Sunday. (Bob Levey/Getty)

Texans’ linebacker Brian Cushing has cleared the NFL’s concussion protocols, and will be allowed to play at San Francisco on Sunday.

Cushing suffered a mild concussion near the end of Houston’s overtime loss to Seattle last week.

Deepi Sidhu of reports that Cushing was confident he would be on the field this weekend:

“There were some steps that I had to go through, but everything went real smooth. There were no setbacks or anything like that. Pretty much, the general consensus the whole time was that I would play.”

The 5-year veteran currently leads the Texans defense with 25 tackles.


For all the greatness of J.J., Brian Cushing is the guy that makes the Texans defense go. When he went down last year in the 5th game against the Jets, the D wasn't the same for the rest of the season. More clearly, look at last week against the Seahawks, until Cush goes out, Seattle had been effectively shut down, scoring 3 points thru 3 1/2 quarters, and Wilson had been effectively bottled up. Without him, all of a sudden Wilson finds room to scramble for significant gains when needed.  Now, granted, 10 of the 17 points Seattle scored in the last quarter and a half were the result of Tate's fumble at the 20 and Schaub's pick-6, but that one long drive the Texans D gave up doesn't happen if Cushing doesn't go out. 


Good thing for the Texans, he just may be the best inside linebacker in the NFL.