Posted October 02, 2013

Service academy football games to go on as scheduled this weekend

Navy’s game against the Air Force Academy in Annapolis will go on as scheduled this weekend.(Doug McSchooler/AP Photo)

Navy’s game against the Air Force in Annapolis will go on as scheduled this weekend. (Doug McSchooler/AP Photo)

U.S. military academy football teams will play this weekend despite the ongoing government shutdown, reports the Associated Press.

Army will travel to Chestnut Hill, Mass. to play Boston College and the Air Force Academy will play at Navy in Annapolis, Md.

The teams will be allowed to play because the games are paid for with non-appropriated funds.  It was reported that calling off the Navy-Air Force contest could have resulted  in more than $4 million in lost revenue for the Naval Academy.

There is no word on the status for future games for the service academies.  Army plays Eastern Michigan at home on Oct. 12, Navy has a road game at Duke on the same day, and Air Force is scheduled to play San Diego State at home Oct. 10.

More from the AP:

The official said Wednesday the decision affects this weekend’s games only. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity.

Non-appropriated funds generally come from outside sources and are not approved through Congress.


Good news here in Annapolis. This game is very important for the economy. Restaurants, hotels, etc., really count on game days, and none is as big as Air Force. All that is in addition to the importance of the game itself, of course. It's an important event. I live within walking distance to the stadium and the whole neighborhood gets into it. It would have been a big disappointment if it had been cancelled. 


@Rickapolis I've been out of the service for a long time so maybe I missed something but...isn't Army/Navy a bit bigger than the Air Force.  I do know they've been playing each other for a longer time.


@Craig @Rickapolis Craig...perhaps he was thinking nothing as big as Air Force for the Annapolis area...Isnt' Army/Navy usually played in Philadelphia or New York?