Posted October 01, 2013

49ers safety Donte Whitner says he was fined $21,000 for hit

Donte Whitner says that the San Francisco 49ers are the team to beat. (Jose Carlos Fajardo, Contra Costa Times)

Donte Whitner says he was fined for a hit in the 49ers victory over the Rams. (Jose Carlos Fajardo, Contra Costa Times)

San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner said he was fined $21,000 by this NFL for his unnecessary roughness penalty in last Thursday’s game against the St. Louis Rams.

Whitner hit Rams wide receiver Chris Givens in the fourth quarter of the Niners’ 35-11 victory. The hit dislodged the ball and prevented a Rams touchdown.

Whitner’s penalty set up the Rams’ only touchdown in the game.

Whitner says he will appeal and see if the league will lower the amount.  He has 20 tackles and one interception for San Francisco (2-2) this season.

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“I’m not happy with it,” Whitner said to

“Still in my heart I feel like it was legal,” Whitner added. “I can’t change the way I play, so we’ll see what happens.”

“I was going to the midsection, where the ball is, with my shoulder. You could actually see me turn to lay off the head. If I would have run through the guy, then I think I would have actually deserved that.”


You can see it in the replay that he obviously put himself at risk in order to rotate and hit the receiver with his shoulder and not his head,. He aimed for the midsection but the receiver dropped down at the last second and got hit on the shoulder. That's two weeks in row the refs have given him horse crap penalties that led to TDs. At least they admitted the mistake on the first one but don't have the stones to admit this one. Sad, sad what's happening to the game.


He has now legally changed his name to HITNER, removing the W.  He might want to think twice about removing a W.  lol  Oh and I am not kidding. He has changed his name.  


Ridiculous penalty and even more ridiculous fine. Whitner clearly hit with his shoulder. I can see if the ref thought it was a "defenseless receiver" hit, but since when is the defense supposed to allow receivers to catch TDs? This fine absolutely needs to be overturned, and I hope he sells 50,000 t-shirts and they all get worn to the next 49ers home game.


Wow.  Just, wow.    The replay was very obvious - Whitner *did* turn his head in an effort to not make a dirty hit.  The receiver's momentum carried him down, and the collision looked much worse at full speed.

I get why the ref threw a flag when looking at it full speed, but to me, it looked like an instance where you would pick up the flag upon replay, if such a thing were possible (and I fully realize that it is not).  

For the league to issue a pretty steep fine for the hit - after being able to review it in slow motion - is just baffling to me.