Posted September 30, 2013

Report: Mark Sanchez will have surgery to repair shoulder

Mark Sanchez has decided to have his torn labrum repaired surgically.

Surgery to repair a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder will force Mark Sanchez to miss the rest of the season. (Jim Rogash/Getty)

Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez has elected to have surgery on his torn labrum, necessitating four to six months of rehab.

Sanchez injured his right shoulder in a preseason game this year, and planned to rehab the injury without surgery. However, the NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport reports that Sanchez will now go under the knife to repair the torn muscle, and will officially miss the remainder of the season.

The Jets are currently 2-2 under Sanchez’s replacement Geno Smith.

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Mark Sanchez has always been a class act.  What Ryan did, by putting him in late in the 4th in a meaningless pre season game with an offensive line consisting of scrubs NOBODY wanted was criminal at best.  Sanchez has always wanted to be a Jet, always wanted to do whats best for the Jets.  And all they've ever done for him is abuse him, ignore him, not give him any support, weapons, targets or a team.  And then proceed to blame him for the sun not shining.  He's better off away from this train wreck and I'm a lifelong Jet fan.  I hope he lands on a contender and laughs in the Jets faces.  I will miss him quite a bit.  Hopefully, he gets the last laugh.


@MarkSanchizers I couldnt agree more. You know Ive watched my Jets for about 16 years now, stayed a loyal fan through all the ups and many downs all teams go through, granted not as much as the Jets but when your the fan of a franchise that's down you have more chance for hope, and hope can bring a level of excitement. That's what has kept me going for the last 16 years and would be enough going forward if it wasn't for the eye opener the Mark Sanchez situation has been. I watched Sanchez play at USC, every game he started. When the Jets selected him in 09 i couldn't have been more excited. I went online and found every piece of tape i could on the guy going back to mission viejo high school. Then I found out that Sanchez actually played three sports in high school, football, baseball and basketball, and he was apparently a stud at all of them. Watching his last game at USC, the Rose Bowl victory, was something I must have done 5 times after hearing the Jets selected him, and every time I watched it I came away more and more excited. Fast forward 4 years, the first 2 being trips to the AFC Championship game, where Sanchez won Rookie of the week awards multiple times, set a record for post season road victories and out performed Brady and Manning to get to the AFC title games. 09 and 2010 were by far my favorite years as a Jets fan. I remember the late drives where we were losing in over time and Sanchez dropped dime passes to Tone and Edwards for the comeback wins. We had great chemistry as a team, all sides of the ball were clicking and the Jets were a winning team for a change. Then the Jets started to strip away veteran leadership, skill players, consistent players that you could depend on. T-Rich, Allen F, J Co, D Wood, B Smith, T Jones, Leon W, Edwards and Dustin K (who had great chemistry with Sanchez) ect. and changed up the offensive coordinator a few times changing the scheme and killing any system experience they had built up. As the team stripped away offensive key players they focused on the defense in the draft, leaving any repairs to the offense to past their prime players on the cheap. Sanchez was not handled correctly, not because he was "coddled" but because they never committed to building a team around his strengths, instead they left him out there with less and less help. He was given downgraded personnel every year including players and coaches alike, the word neglected comes to mind, maybe that's why we keep hearing about the offense being neglected. Through all this he not only took the brunt of the blame he was also a class act about it all. Sanchez has been running for his life the last two years behind a bad O-line, and has had no one to throw to, there were days he said he would show up to practice and not know the name of the guys he was throwing the ball to. I think this is a result of Rex being a defensive mastermind and only wanting to own up to his d and not the offense. When the offense failed he could point to the coordinator and protect his head coaching status. The Jets simply miss handled their franchise quarterback. When the team was bad overall it was Sanchez'es fault because he didn't make every other player and coach better. In my opinion they had to "coddle" Sanchez, its the least they could do for a guy they didn't help in any other way. Did "coddling" help Sanchez or the Jets win? No, it only served to try and convince the masses that they did in fact do all they could when in reality they failed Sanchez and the offense as a whole, and his career/future in the process. When my team trades Sanchez away or release him, they will also be releasing this fan, and I will follow Sanchez to his next team and continue to root for a guy who is pure class and under appreciated as a football player. My days of blind loyalty to the Jets are over, they showed their true colors here, that players are treated as pawns in a PSL world, and headlines are more important than wins, just ask Woody Johnson.