Posted September 23, 2013

Jaguars will start Blaine Gabbert at QB next Sunday vs. Colts

Jacsonville will start Blaine Gabbert at QB this sunday

Blaine Gabbert will return to his starting QB role for the Jags this Sunday. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars will start Blaine Gabbert at quarterback this weekend, returning Chad Henne to the backup role.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that head coach Gus Bradley has moved Gabbert to the top of the depth chart after the third-year quarterback sat out for two weeks with a hand laceration.

Gabbert started the first game of the season against the Chiefs, but was replaced by Henne after cutting open his throwing hand late in the contest.  The laceration required 15 stitches to close following the game.

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Another mistake for a desperate franchise that does very little right.  Henne actually played pretty well against Seattle , and might have had a chance if they could muster up some semblance of a defense. His numbers won't show it, but he eluded the sack and delivered the ball pretty darn well , without throwing a bunch of picks. Much better than what I've seen from Gabbert , in the past.  

Gabbert isn't going to turn this team's fortunes around , but he will almost certainly turn the ball over more than Henne. They'll be lucky to win two games this year.  Four wins would be a minor miracle for this team. 


Love Gus but it won't help