Posted September 20, 2013

Report: Older players may be cut from NFL concussion lawsuit settlement

Concussions continue to be an issue in the NFL even though a lawsuit was settled last month. (AP Photo/Don Wright

Concussions continue to be an issue in the NFL even though a lawsuit was settled last month. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

Players who were among some of the first to be diagnosed with football-related brain damage are likely to be shut out of the NFL’s $765 million proposed concussion settlement, reports.

The report states that the proposed settlement would disqualify most players who died before 2006, and that some players and attorneys worry there is not enough money to cover all eligible players diagnosed with football-related brain injuries. The NFL declined comment on the report.

Last month, the league and more than 4,500 retired football players settled a case in which the players claimed that the NFL hid risks involved with playing football.  The NFL agreed to pay $765 million plus legal costs, but admitted no wrongdoing.

Other highlights of the settlement included the stipulation that individual awards would be capped at $5 million for players suffering from ALS, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

“It is a very valid concern,” said Jason Luckasevic, a Pittsburgh attorney who filed the first concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL in 2011 and represents about 500 former players. “It would appear as though there are not enough funds for those that are injured.”


I am sure former players like myself, who won a Super Bowl ring with the 49ers in 81, underwent emergency VP Shunt brain surgery during that season, survived 2 more, 10 hrs apart 4 months after our SB win, was forced to sue for Work Comp just to get my bills paid, and has now survived 9 NFL caused emergency VP Shunt brain surgeries, 33 years of gran mal seizures and still doesn't qualify for NFL benefits will be cut out also.  

The NFL's settlement amounts to .000000004% of what they will gross over the 20 year payout period, IF their $9.5 billion/yr doesn't increase.  It's expected to hit $25 billion/yr by the end of the payout period.

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