Posted September 18, 2013

Bernard Pollard, Kareem Jackson fined $42K each for hits in Texans-Titans game

Titans safety Bernard Pollard was one of two players fined $42,000 for an illegal hit in Sunday's game vs. the Texans. (Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Titans safety Bernard Pollard was one of two players fined $42,000 for an illegal hit in Sunday’s game vs. the Texans. (Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard and Houston Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson were each fined $42,000 on Wednesday by the NFL.

According to a report from ESPN, Pollard was fined for his hit Sunday on Texans receiver Andre Johnson, who suffered a concussion on the play. Pollard was fined for hitting a defenseless receiver in the head with his shoulder but a flag wasn’t thrown on the play because he turned his head to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact. Upon receiving news of the fine, Pollard, who won a Super Bowl last season with the Baltimore Ravens, tweeted that he didn’t understand how the play could be deemed legal during the game and still be fined for it days later.

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Jackson was fined for his hit on Titans receiver Kendall Wright during the game, which Houston ended up winning 30-24. He was flagged on the play for unnecessary roughness and later called the hit a “bang-bang play,” according to the report.

Jackson and Pollard both plan to appeal the fines.

Pollard has led the league in unnecessary roughness penalties since 2010, with 14 calls between then and Week 1 of this season. According to the ESPN report, his history played a role in the NFL determining this latest fine.


Your retired NFL friends shouldnt have sued for 2 billion if nfl players are so tuff. Just have em rub some dirt on that Dementia and migranes.


This is no different than any other work place. Some workers will always complain about the rules or how its unfair or simply about how the rules are unfair and they are targets. 

You lead the league in UNR penalties over the past 3 years? You have no right to complain. 

You have a guy like Suh, and no matter what you think of him (and I agree with most that he plays too often on the dirty side of things) I can't recall him PUBLICLY coming out and complaining.