Posted September 09, 2013

Hurricanes fire owner’s son Jason Karmanos

Fired Hurricanes executive Jason Karmanos helped welcome Daniel Altshuller in 2012. (Dave Sandford/NHL/Getty Images)

Fired Hurricanes executive Jason Karmanos (far right) helped welcome draft pick Daniel Altshuller in 2012. (Dave Sandford/NHL/Getty Images)

The Hurricanes announced Sunday the firing of executive vice president and assistant general manager Jason Karmanos, son of team majority owner Peter Karmanos Jr.

On Sunday, Peter Karmanos called his son’s firing a “family matter.”

Jason Karmanos told the Raleigh News-Observer that a “personal disagreement” with his father led to his dismissal Sunday morning.

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Jason Karmanos, who had worked for the team for 15 years, told the News-Observer that no legal issues factored into his firing:

“The disagreement I had with my father had nothing to do with the direction of the team or the business of the team,” Jason Karmanos said. “This has nothing to do with my job performance.

“It’s an unfortunate situation and it’s extremely disappointing. My emotions are still raw. A big chunk of my life has been devoted to working for the team and I will miss it very much, as well as all the great people that I have worked with on a daily basis.”

Hurricanes president and general manager Jim Rutherford confirmed that Karmanos’ firing was not related to his job performance.


How is this legal? I would sue for wrongful termination. When you have high placed executives admitting that the firing is not related to job performance then I can see a judge awarding him all sorts of damages.


Typical of Carolina, even his own son can't make "Mr. K" happy.  Heck the guy fired a coach that won him a Stanley Cup while undermining him at every turn and his GM stood by and said "yes sir" due to lack of errr....intestinal fortitude! I hope Hurricane fans will revel in the Cup they got because as long as "Mr. K" owns the team they are going nowhere.   Ex-Hurricane fan