Posted August 24, 2013

Mark Sanchez exits early with injured throwing shoulder

Mark Sanchez left the game early with a shoulder injury after getting hit by Marvin Austin. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Mark Sanchez left the game early with a shoulder injury after getting hit by Marvin Austin. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez left Saturday night’s preseason game early with an injury to his throwing shoulder.

After Geno Smith played most of the game–racking up three interceptions and a safety–Sanchez entered in the 4th quarter to play behind the backup offensive line.

Sanchez, hit hard by Giants defensive tackle Marvin Austin, was holding his shoulder and in obvious pain. He walked off the field and went immediately for an X-ray.

Sanchez’s injury raised questions about why coach Rex Ryan would put him in the game, especially with backups.

After Smith’s poor performance in most of the game, Sanchez was speculated to be the obvious choice for the starting quarterback. Now, it’s unclear to what extent he is injured and whether he will be able to play.


Give a stupid person and rope and they always hang themselves. Rex did just that. Not supporting Sanchez...but the fact that he is still taking snaps says everything you need to know about Smith. Comedy shouldn't be this easy.

TeeHolmes 1 Like

The Ryan sons are the most overrated coaches in history. Neither can coach.


Shouldn't have let Tebow go.  Seriously, though, the Jets will win 6 or 7 games this years, tops.  When is that owner gonna get his head outa Rex's huge a$$ and fire this loser?

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I'm going to bet against the Jets every game this year.


USAToday has the entire press conference about Rex's decision and explanation...maybe a SPORTS site (like this one) would care to do the same??????

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Rex is under pressure to win but his dumb decisions looks like the only thing to happen will he will be fired at the end of the season


Love the headline "problems with QB".....that could have been said before the preseason even started.    Geno IS a big baby when it doesn't go his way on the field. NO leadership when behind.  You saw that last 4 years....except the jets management didn't.

DalePearl 1 Like

Sanchez isn't that good people.... I doubt if he has sustained a long term injury if it would have any impact on the Jets season.

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Ryan is an absolute clown .  Why does the owner put up with this embarrassment? I do not understand why he keeps this clown.

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@Mag533 Because the owner is a trust fund baby and knows nothing about football. Owning the Jets is simply another toy for someone that has too much money.

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Stupid, or genius.  QB situation solved with the starter the Jets wanted all along...

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Jets are primed to go 0-16 this year. At least there will be a possible franchise QB for the new regime in the 2014 Draft.