Posted August 07, 2013

Shabazz Muhammad dismissed from NBA rookie program

Shabazz Muhammad was dismissed from the NBA rookie program on Wednesday for having a female in his room Tuesday night. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Shabazz Muhammad was dismissed from the NBA rookie program on Wednesday for having a female in his room Tuesday night. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Shabazz Muhammad was dismissed from the NBA rookie program on Wednesday for violating a rule and bringing a woman back to his hotel room on Tuesday evening, according to a report from Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today Sports.

Muhammad will also be fined and has to return next summer with the 2014 rookie class to finish the program, which is designed to help first-year players transition into the league by attending seminars, instructions and events with guest speakers. It is a four-day program in New Jersey which is expected to end on Friday and is a requisite step for any rookie to teach them about money management, ethics, social media, alcohol and drug education and image maintenance.

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Hours before Muhammad was sent home, players were given the rules of conduct which includes no guests unless otherwise approved by the administrators of the program.

The former UCLA standout was selected No. 14 by the Utah Jazz in June’s draft but was traded soon after for the rights to the No. 9 pick, Trey Burke. In college, Muhammad, who stands six-foot-six and figures to be a swingman in the NBA, had been declared ineligible by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits and subsequently missed three games for the Bruins before being reinstated. An article in the Los Angeles Times later reported after UCLA was eliminated in the NCAA tournament that Muhammad had been misrepresenting his age.

In 2008, Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers and Nuggets forward Darrell Arthur, then with the Memphis Grizzlies, were expelled from the program after women were discovered in a hotel room with them. The scent of marijuana had also been reported and they were each fined $20,000. Michael Beasley, who was arrested in Arizona this week for possession of marijuana, had admitted that he was also in the room with Chalmers and Arthurs and was subsequently fined $50,000.

Muhammad, who earned All-Pac-12 first-team honors with the Bruins, averaged 8.5 points and 2.2 rebounds over six games in the Las Vegas Summer League in July.

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Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips

So instead of honoring contracts for these morons they should be fired from the NBA! When are commissioners of the leagues, NFL, MLB, and the NBA going to take a hard line and keep thugs, gangsters, and idiots who are bad representatives of their respective organizations from becoming or remaining employees?

Any respected organization would fire these type of idiots. I would rather watch more teams with less talent compete the right way than a bunch of rule, law breaking renegades ever suit up!

jamsub 1 Like

Apparently this idiot was eager to hit some Jersey A$$. Is it that hard to follow some rules for 4 days?  Eager to see his career flame out in his first contract.


@jamsub Yep! This guy didn't get the message in college and still hasn't got it. It's not a question of rules for 4 days, it's a question of ability to lead a continued, mature, disciplined life and the train left the station before this guy got on it. He's finished before he starts. A buck says this guy will be out shopping for teams to take him in a year!