Posted August 05, 2013

Reports: Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal 214-game MLB suspension

Major League Baseball reportedly has told the Yankees Alex Rodriguez can play while appealing an upcoming suspension.  (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Major League Baseball reportedly has told the Yankees that Alex Rodriguez can play while appealing an upcoming suspension. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal a significant Major League Baseball suspension tied to the Biogenesis investigation, while the other 13 or so players suspended from the investigation are expected to accept their deals, according to reports including Jon Heyman of CBS Sports and Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

Major League Baseball told the Yankees that Rodriguez will be suspended Monday for his links to performance-enhancing drugs distributed by the now-closed Miami clinic. MLB said Rodriguez can play while he appeals the penalty, a person familiar with deliberations told The Associated Press.

From The Associated Press:

The Yankees were not told the exact length of the suspension, though they under the impression it will be through the 2014 season, the person said Sunday, speaking on condition of anonymity because no statement was authorized.

Rodriguez reportedly will receive a 214-game suspension through the 2014 season. If he appeals, Rodriguez is expected to play Monday night for the Yankees against the White Sox.

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Major League Baseball is expected to announce the suspensions around 1 p.m. ET on Monday.

From USA Today:

MLB officials informed Rodriguez’s attorneys and the Major League Players Association of their decision to suspend the players, and told Rodriguez that he no longer is able to discuss a settlement, according to the two people, who were unauthorized to speak publicly before the scheduled announcement.

Rodriguez will be suspended for at least 214 games under terms of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, costing him about $34 million, but likely will avoid a lifetime ban by Commissioner Bud Selig for allegedly violating the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The penalty would make Rodriguez ineligible to play until the 2015 regular season, the biggest punishment against a player or manager since Pete Rose agreed to a lifetime ban in 1989 for gambling.

Rodriguez reportedly has maintained a defensive posture despite MLB’s presentation of substantial evidence against him and believes he is not deserving of a suspension longer than the other players linked to the Biogenesis investigation.

From CBS Sports:

Rodriguez has told people he doesn’t believe he deserves a ban for more than the 50 games the others are receiving since he has never previously been suspended, and further suggested he deserves “less than [Ryan] Braun,” referring to the Brewers star who agreed to a 65-game ban in the case.

Rodriguez is expected to be the only suspended player to seek an appeal, according to reports. The other players are expected to accept 50-game bans, which will end with the 2013 regular season.

From CBS Sports:

While a couple of Biogenesis-linked players suggested behind closed doors they were seriously considering appeal, with a few hours to go before the announcement there was no confirmation anyone was joining A-Rod in appealing his suspension.

Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz has told people he will not appeal after some earlier reports suggested he might. He is said to have received encouragement to possibly appeal from some teammates who are concerned about their pennant push, but it would be difficult to fight this case.


My name is Dave and I'm not a yankee fan so shoot me, I'm not a A-rod fan either, I've been a baseball fan for 59 years and big dodger and red sox fan, I have seen the america game go down the tubes starting with the DH which is softball rule and I truly think that there should have been drug testing years ago for everything and everyone who plays the game as a PRO no matter who it is or what team they play on and if they're caught twice they are gone and so are the records they have if any. Things are not going to change until we get this puppet out of there that's there now . I think if MLB wants to start making things right they should put PETE ROSE in the HALL OF FAME , HE DONE HIS TIME. And if they don't put a-rod out of baseball for good baseball will suffer a great fan loss THERE NO PLACE IN BASEBALL FOR CHEATERS AND a-rod is the biggest cheater there is, and can bring up a child to believe baseball is the best sport there is knowing that there's cheating allowed in BASEBALL . Thank You