Posted August 02, 2013

Clint Dempsey joining Seattle Sounders

Clint Dempsey is reportedly heading to Seattle. (Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey is reportedly heading to Seattle. (Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey is close to becoming the newest member of the Seattle Sounders, ESPN reports.

The Sounders are finalizing an agreement with Tottenham Hotspur to transfer Dempsey’s rights back to MLS. The 30-year-old played with the New England Revolution from 2004-06.

The American Dempsey is expected to be introduced to his new club as early as Saturday. On Friday, Seattle coach Sigi Schmid downplayed speculation the team had made a move for the U.S. star and national team captain.

Dempsey, who joined the Spurs last year after several seasons with Fulham, scored seven Premier League goals in 29 games.

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eliar3 1 Like

This is borderline ridiculous.  He is a stud and has definitely showed he can play at the EPL level.  MLS is still 3rd tier at best.  Unless he is getting big bucks, methinks a change in representation is in order.  We need MORE players in Europe, not less.

leehwgoc 1 Like

Dempsey has scored more than 30 goals across all competitions for EPL clubs over the last two years.  Even if the Spurs don't want him anymore, it's unthinkable that there'd be no other EPL teams eager for his services.

So I'm not buying this until it's official, and lately's soccer coverage has been pretty dodgy.  The interns doing the write-ups recently don't seem to try very hard at fact-finding.

I mean, even if the Sounders are offering Dempsey some sort of enormous record contract, I still have trouble seeing how Dempsey would *choose* to go back to MLS, considering what he's directly told the media about his ambitions in England the last couple of years.  Unless Dempsey has suddenly become all about the money and nothing else...


This would would be good for MLS but bad for US soccer. The best US players play overseas and the dominant leagues are in England, Spain, Germany, and Italy. That's unquestioned. MLS has made great strides in the past decade but Dempsey going to Seattle is not a good career move. I know there's US bias here but MLS is like the minor leagues for young, up-and-coming players and a senior league for aging stars who can't cut the elite European leagues. If you're an elite player in your prime, go to Europe.


 I thought this had already been debunked. The updated version of this rumor was that Dempsey was going to Everton, which is more believable.


Seeing how Seattle is as a soccer city, he is going to be set here.  Him and Eddie Johnson (both going to USA World Cup) get to build chemistry and work together daily.  

Spurs are not going to CL.  That's what they said last year.  Plus he didn't even get to start every game.  USA needs him, MLS needs him, SEATTLE BADLY needs him.  

Just hope our rook Deandre Yedlin is ok with loosing #2! 

BrianFisher 1 Like

You guys are so dumb! Landon played MLS during last WC our best player! There's obviously a reason as for you guys who say AVB does not like us retarded so many interviews he said he lived! Tottenham Is a historically young club they like young talent deuce is 30 he can play at Everton sure, but also remember kinsman wants starters! Plus him and EJ together will destroy!

drunkenmaster 1 Like

why why why  - he's only 30 and the Spurs came so close to making the Champions League this year.  MLS has come a long way but c'mon this is a huge step down for him.

JasonSchulte 1 Like

Makes me think the Spurs were not going to allow him to continue to play for his country during the final leg of qualifying.  So he is going to join a league that will insure that happens and also have less travel back and forth.


@JasonSchulte I'm not buying it.  Altidore, Bradley and all the guys playing in Germany would have to deal with this.  All people playing club ball on another continent have to deal with the travel during qualifying.   We are going to qualify for the WC regardless if Dempsey makes it to every qualifier anyway.  He must have been told by AVB that he wasn't going to play much this year - even then any number of quality teams in Europe would love to have him.

Brigma17 1 Like

It means he's going to get PAID


Is this a statement on the rising quality of MLS, or is Deuce giving up on the Premiership dream?


@Boodah I think it's a statement about his EPL career