Posted July 27, 2013

Browns OL Ryan Miller sustains concussion during one-on-ones

Ryan Miller sustained a serious concussion during Saturday's training camp. (John Kuntz/AP Images)

Ryan Miller sustained a serious concussion during Saturday’s training camp. (John Kuntz/AP Images)

Offensive lineman Ryan Miller sustained a serious concussion during one-on-one drills at training.

It was reportedly a routine drill that went awry, resulting in Miller’s concussion. From the Associated Press:

“Anytime your brother goes down it’s scary,” linebacker Quentin Groves said, “because you never know. … We’re just big men that play a sport called football. But we still have hearts. We still have emotions. We still have feelings. He’s our brother.”

Miller, in his second NFL season, appeared to be unconscious after the hit. Teammates were concerned he had suffered a devastating injury before he became responsive and had movement in his extremities.

He was immobilized and taken to the hospital, where he underwent several hours of testing before his release. From the AP:

“He’s doing well,” first-year coach Rob Chudzinski said following practice. “He’s responsive and it sounds like things are better at this point.”

It has been a weekend full of serious injuries, with Eagles’ Jeremy Maclin tearing his ACL and Ravens’ Dennis Pitta dislocating his hip.