Posted July 10, 2013

Jaguars owner to reportedly buy Fulham F.C. by end of week

Jags owner Shahid "Shad" Khan is reportedly closing in on a deal to purchase Fulham F.C. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Jags owner Shahid “Shad” Khan is reportedly closing in on a deal to purchase Fulham F.C. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan is reportedly looking to purchase Fulham F.C. of the Premier League and the deal could be completed by the end of the week, according to The Daily Mail.

Fulham’s current owner, 84-year-old Mohamed Al-Fayed, is reportedly “on the verge” of selling the club to the Pakistani owner. The purchase price is reportedly in excess of £150M, and it is believed that the 62-year-old Khan will use the London-based club to help promote the Jaguars, a team that finished 2-14 last season. Khan signed a contract for the Jaguars to play one NFL game each year in London’s Wembley Stadium over the next four seasons.

According to the report, an announcement is expected Friday. Khan, a billionaire car parts manufacturer, purchased the Jaguars in 2011. The Glazer family, who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also owns Manchester United. Former Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner owns Aston Villa F.C.

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I wonder if Khan will tear down that tacky Michael Jackson statue.


Fulham decent run team but small budget to work with.

Jaguars,, doesn't matter, NFL designed to have each team go down a few years and then rise again.   They'll be back.

Americans don't like socialism, unless while waiting at their publicly funded multi billion dollar airport, after they drove on that publicly funded billion dollar freeway to get to, while watching their spread the wealth around for economic balance , NFL.

Americans don't like socialism, BUT they adore ignorance.

Matthew W
Matthew W

well he certainly has turned the Jaguars around....

Fulham be warned


@Matthew W Khan doesn't have much to do with how the Jaguars front-office directs the team itself.  Not every NFL owner is particularly involved with their team.  Some, like Khan, are completely hands off in regard to the competitive operations.  They're exclusively interested in the income and the prestige of ownership itself.

6marK6 1 Like

Now he owns two crappy "football" teams.


@6marK6 Fulham's much better than the Jags right now, comparatively speaking.  Fulham deserves respect for hanging in the EPL this many seasons in a row now. 

TwitSpif 3 Like

I'm not sure "Pakistani owner" is an accurate description of a guy who has lived in the US for almost 50 years, graduated from Illinois, is a US citizen, and made most of his fortune here in car parts. 

M20 3 Like

@TwitSpif But he's brown and has a funny mustache! Can't possibly be American!


Is that a "Football" team or a "Soccer" team?