Posted July 10, 2013

Report: Broncos to take lead for disciplining two execs charged with drunk driving

Denver Broncos director of pro personnel Tom Heckert is facing DUI charges. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Denver Broncos director of pro personnel Tom Heckert is facing DUI charges. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos will likely take the lead in punishing two team executives who are facing drunken-driving charges and team plans to be aggressive in sending a message that their behavior is not acceptable, reports

Broncos director of pro personnel Tom Heckert and director of player personnel Matt Russell can be suspended for a lengthy amount of time by the league or the team for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Heckert was arrested Parker, Colo., on June 11 and charged with driving under the influence and careless driving. Russell was arrested last weekend and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. Heckert had a blood alcohol content level of .16, more than two times the legal limit for the state of Colorado. Russell reportedly had a BAC of .24.

Heckert apologized for his behavior in a statement yesterday, but other team executives said that type of behavior won’t be tolerated.

“It’s embarrassing for us as a franchise, it’s embarrassing for Mr. [Pat] Bowlen, it’s especially embarrassing for our fans. We don’t tolerate it and we’re not going to,”Broncos president Joe Ellis said yesterday. “My expectation is the discipline will be severe.”


Seriously, SI? You need to use a photo of Heckert with the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Clinic logo in the background? We have enough negative stories involving the sports figures currently affiliated with our teams, we don't need the former ones thrown in there too to bring more embarrassment to the shores of Lake Erie. Get a photo of Heckert with a big old Broncos helmet in the background, and direct the embarrassment where it belongs. 


In all fairness, my attention was drawn to his disproportionately small head to notice the Brown logo.

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They should both be fired.