Posted June 28, 2013

Dirk Nowitzki on Dwight Howard: ‘We’d love to have him’

Dirk Nowitzki reached out to free-agent center Dwight Howard. (Noah Graham/Getty Images)

Dirk Nowitzki reached out to free-agent center Dwight Howard. (Photo by Noah Graham/Getty Images)

With the news of free-agent center Dwight Howard reportedly not wanting to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, other players around the league are trying to recruit the seven-time All-Star to join their teams.

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki said he reached out to Howard and told him he would like him to join the Mavs. Howard will become a free-agent July 1 and can sign with any team, but could make more money if he stays in Los Angeles.

“I reached out to him and told him we’d love to have him,” Nowitzki said Thursday evening, via “That’s really about it. It’s not like we call each other every day.”

Grinning, Nowitzki added, “I haven’t written him a letter. We’ve just had a little phone contact and that’s about it. He’s just weighing out his options. I’m sure he has a couple of meetings set up for whenever that might be in early July. Hopefully, the Mavs are one of those teams and we’ll go from there.”

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A max deal for Howard would be five years, worth $118 million if he stays with the Lakers. If he signs anywhere else, the deal would be four years, $87.6 million.


Don't do it dirk. Do you want howard shooting you those dirty looks like he did to gasol and nash whenever he missed an assignment? Do you want him complaining that he needs more touches or that you and the mavs need to play 'the right way?'. Do you think howard will like playing under a dominant and accomplished coach like carlisle who will not clean his diaper like d'antoni and kupchek did all year? The mavs need to rebuild the right way. Youve tried the quick fix route w mayo and odom.


Cuban won't pay to get Howard.