Posted June 25, 2013

Report: Arron Afflalo, Eric Bledsoe trade discussed

Trade talks are being discussed for Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA/Getty Images)

Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe is being discussing in possible trade talks. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA/Getty Images)

The Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Clippers are discussing the possibility of completing a trade involving Magic shooting guard Arron Afflalo and Clippers point guard Eric Bledsoe in conjunction with the NBA draft, reports

A trade with those two players as the principals could happen this week and Magic forward Andrew Nicholson and a future first-round pick could be added to the package as compensation for Bledsoe. The NBA Draft is Thursday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Bledsoe, 23, averaged 8.5 points with three rebounds and three assists in 76 games last season. Afflalo averaged 16.5 points a game on 43 percent shooting for the Magic.

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But the long-awaited arrival of Doc Rivers as the Clippers’ new coach and senior vice president of basketball operations could push any Bledsoe trade into July — or maybe even longer — because Rivers is a well-known Bledsoe fan who has indicated he’d like to keep Bledsoe around if possible.

The greater likelihood remains, however, that keeping Bledsoe around as Chris Paul’s very capable backup is a luxury the Clippers won’t be able to afford as they continue to try to construct a roster with title-contending staying power. It’s been a working assumption in league circles the Clippers would try to trade Bledsoe before next season as soon as they were certain that Paul would re-sign this summer after becoming a free agent on July 1.


I'm not so sure about Bledsoe; he's an RFA, which means he could walk after next year.  I'd rather sign Jerryd Bayless; the careers numbers are pretty much the same, Bayless actually plays defense and we could lock him up with the cap money we have this year (people forget that we DO have some cap space this year if we buyout Hedo and AH).  Or draft Trey Burke, which I cannot understand why people are so down on him.  He's a proven winner and everybody in the Michigan program is in awe of him; his college coach calls him a once in a lifetime player.   There was a Rosenberg article the other day where people who have played with Andrew Wiggins at the AAU level say they think Burke is a better player.  My biggest fear about the NBA is that they have gotten so obsessed with advanced stats and athletic testing that they have forgotten how to see a real player right in front of them.  I've watched a lot of videos of players this year, and I for one don't think the draft is that bad and I believe there are going to be severall All Star level players drafted this year.  All the players that everyone is excited about for next year are basically high school players; last year everyone thought Shabazz was going to be the second coming.  Now look at how they view him.

Papi Del Negro..... Dont ask
Papi Del Negro..... Dont ask

As a Magic fan, I would love to see Bledsoe as the franchise pg but to add Nicholson and a 1st rd pick along with afflalo seems a tad bit much considering that 1st round pick could be a potential lottery pick if its a 2014 pick and considering all the hype of the 2014 draft class, Orlando might not want to run the risk of not being able to draft that franchise altering player and risking Bledsoe not becoming the player most people expect him to become if given a starting opportunity