Posted June 19, 2013

Jaguars agree on $63 million stadium upgrade plan

The Jaguars plan on revamping EverBank Field. (Photo/

The Jaguars plan on revamping EverBank Field adding the world’s largest video scoreboards. (Photo/

The Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to terms with the City of Jacksonville to undertake almost $63 million in major enhancements to EverBank Field, the team announced.

Part of the stadium upgrades include two new end zone video scoreboards that will be the largest in the world.

The North end zone will see the biggest change, as the team says they will introduce a world-class entertainment and viewing area for fans that will position the stadium as a destination on NFL game days and to help attract and keep premier events in the Jacksonville area.

“We support Mayor (Alvin) Brown’s initiatives to bring new energy to Downtown Jacksonville and the city’s urban core,” Jaguars owner Shahid Khan said, “and the enhancements to EverBank Field that we are announcing today will help position Jacksonville as a home and destination for major events, now and in the future. This is indeed great news for Jacksonville.”

Along with the two new video scoreboards in each end zone, each measuring 55 by 301 feet, there will be a new platform area in the north end zone with pools, unique food and beverage offerings and interactive activities.


It's interesting to hear opinions from those who do not live in Jacksonville or, possibly, have never even spent time in Jacksonville.  Speaking from experience (I've lived on the west coast, central U.S., the southeast and have traveled throughout our country and many overseas)  Jacksonville is a great place.

- 13th most populous city in the U.S.                                                                                                                        

- Forbes:  Jacksonville 6th best city for tech jobs.

- Forbes:  Jacksonville 2nd best city to find employment.

How we got a franchise:  We got lucky. When Wayne Weaver was granted a franchise and made it clear that Jacksonville was the only place he was willing to consider, that was luck.

Why the Jaguars are not moving in the foreseeable future:  We got lucky.  Shahid Khan wants to have one of the best NFL Franchises and wants that to happen in little 'ol Jacksonville.

Will that happen?  who knows.  But Khan has invested 30million in locker room, training room and coaching facilities that will contribute to attracting the right people (having no state income tax doesn't hurt), and investing 20million in the stadium makes him crazy or sincere about keeping the team here. *The team is picking up any overages in cost as well.

He was willing to fire the GM and coach when he felt the team was moving in the wrong direction.  We are now looking at, at least two years for a significant improvement.  (I'm thinking 5 wins this season.

There are fans like myself that support our team regardless of performance although we may bitch about it.

With all that said, please do not move here.  Nothing personal (not like that was even a consideration but, just in case) unless you can handle supporting a team that sucks and are the courteous southern type, who enjoys the sweltering heat of FL in the summer, you will not like it here and will continue to wonder why we got a team.



It's sad to say in today's world but $63 Million doesn't necessarily buy all that much when it comes to construction remodeling. Hope it works for Jacksonville but how did they ever get a franchise in the first place?


@roggio1 All great, but none of that explains why you or any other Jacksonville resident should have to pay for these stadium upgrades to help a billionaire make even more money.

Surely the money spent on this upgrade could be better spent elsewhere in the area?


@H4 @roggio1 Thanks for your feedback H4.  I did not address that in my comment.

...I'm not sure I want to... well, I will say this:  Voters in Jacksonville voted for a mayor as a representative and an individual that would do what is best for our city based on his judgement.  Mayor Alvin Brown did have opposition during the election, however, the voters of Jacksonville chose him to make those decisions.  He and the city counsel decided this was the right decision.  If voters in the city of Jacksonville do not like how he, the mayor, performs, I'm sure they will vote alternatively during the next election.  Democracy ya know. 

short answer:  The mayor and the city counsel made that decision which is why the citizens of Jacksonville and I have to pay for these stadium upgrades to help a billionaire make even more money.  ..It also makes my game-day experience much greater but, I'm sure you are not concerned about that.