Posted June 18, 2013

San Jose City Council to sue MLB for refusing to let A’s move to San Jose

The A's have faced numerous issues at the 47-year-old Coliseum including sewage backups in the clubhouse. The city of San Jose is suing Major League Baseball for refusing to allow the team to relocate. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The A’s have faced numerous issues at the 47-year-old Coliseum including sewage backups in the clubhouse. The city of San Jose is suing Major League Baseball for refusing to allow the team to relocate. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The San Jose City Council has voted to sue MLB for refusing to let the Oakland A’s move to San Jose, reports ABC News’ Bay Area affiliate.

The A’s have faced problems with the Coliseum, its 47-year-old stadium shared with the Raiders, for years. On Sunday, a plumbing issue caused raw sewage to back up into the clubhouse — and not for the first time. A’s owner Lew Wolff wants to move to San Jose, and the city welcomes the team’s relocation. But the San Francisco Giants claim territorial rights and the office of Commissioner Bud Selig has refused to rule against the Giants.

The San Jose City Council says the city is losing $130 million because of the league’s stalled process in allowing the A’s to move to San Jose, and claims that the MLB has conspired to limit competition by controlling location of teams. Commissioner Bud Selig and the 30 teams that make up the league are named as defendants.

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The attorney on the case, Joe Cotchett, explained the rationale behind the lawsuit. From the ABC News report:

“This is all about economics. And, you have a city like San Jose, the tenth largest city in the United States, cannot get a baseball club. I can name you other cities that are pulling for San Jose for the same reason. They want the right and the chance to bring a baseball team to their city, their county, whatever it might be.”

“Bud Selig appointed a commission to look at this very proposal that you just mentioned not one, not two, but four years ago. They’re still studying the situation,” Cotchett told ABC7 News.

El Gran Chiefo
El Gran Chiefo

I'm a San Jose native that hopes the A's nor any other baseball franchise moves here.  It will create a mess of the downtown area and in 10 years the rich owners will be crying for new stadium upgrades/handouts. It will just bring more crime to our downtown area. No one in San Jose is clamoring for a baseball team.  It's just politicians looking for a way to leave a stamp on their legacy.  As many other comments have stated, most fans in SJ are SF Giants diehards.  They should focus on a basketball franchise to fully capitalize on the SJ Sharks Arena.  just my 2 cents.

Orange Crush
Orange Crush

@El Gran Chiefo I know a lot of people in the SJ area and they are all chomping at the bit for the A's to come there. Don't know who you are speaking for when you say no one is clamoring for a baseball team. 

6marK6 3 Like

San Jose makes a lot more sense, in every way.

Ted13 3 Like

So tired of this story. Oakland gave SF those rights to help them move to the South Bay. It didn't happen, so the rights should've reverted. That Bud Selig hasn't taken care of this just adds to his legacy as the most inept commissioner ever.


Pardon my error, I had no idea San Jose was the 10th largest US city. I never looked it up, obviously, but would have guessed the top 30 or so. Good luck in getting the former Philadelphia Athletics. That Oakland move was a big mistake, no?

manodenada 1 Like

@Rickapolis SJ has over twice the population of Oakland, actually.  And a whole lot more money, too.

DanielZollo 1 Like

Move to Sac, SJ is Giants territory. 

Orange Crush
Orange Crush 1 Like

@DanielZollo The Giants hold the territorial rights that were given to them by Oakland a long time ago. This action obviously shows you how SJ feels about this. Why are the Giants so afraid of allowing this to happen?



I would love to see the As in Sacramento!  Downtown Sac is lovely and up-and-coming.  This town loves its AAA franchise but a MLB park downtown would be outstanding as well as draw tons of fans from the surrounding region.   There are lots of people here who root for the Giants "just because" even though most of them don't socially, politically or economically associate with the Bay Area at all.

Mathonwy 4 Like

I hope this crushes that archaic anti-trust exemption for good. Go get 'em, San Jose!