Posted June 11, 2013

Jason Garrett admits that Bill Callahan will call Cowboys plays

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys' playcalling will be a collaborative effort. (Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)

Head coach Jason Garrett said the Cowboys’ play-calling will be a collaborative effort. (Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)

When Jerry Jones spilled the beans on the Cowboys’ play-calling duties shifting from head coach Jason Garrett to offensive line coach Bill Callahan last week, Garrett was caught off guard and refused to confirm the change at a press conference. Garrett came clean on Tuesday, using a press conference to sum up how the system would work and emphasizing the team’s offense would remain a collaborative process.

The public efforts of Jones, the team’s owner and general manager, to make things “very uncomfortable” for Cowboys players and coaches after a disappointing 8-8 season have included Garrett giving up play-calling to allow him more time to improve as an in-game manager.

Consecutive 8-8 records in Garrett’s two seasons as Cowboys head coach as well as some late-game time management failures have seemingly put him on the hot seat in 2013.

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I begged Jerry to fire him for the follwing in my blog..all he learned on the job was how to ice your kicker, let the clock run out when you needed a score, reverting back to his playcalling when Romo was breaking records in the no huddle, hiring Rob Ryan..the worst ever...not able to correct easy penalities..motion..caused several games and he said on TV they didnt bother him..after Romo got hit hard 12 times that game due to blitzes..caused by long down and distance...wearing the D out because no first downs...what has he done...nothing


And the first shovelful of dirt lands on the coffin of Jason Garrett's future as Cowboy's head coach.