Posted June 10, 2013

Chauncey Billups: Blake Griffin is ‘too nice’


Chauncey Billups

Reacting to a question about the perception of Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin’s toughness, point guard Chauncey Billups said that his teammate might be “too nice” at times.

“I don’t agree that Blake Griffin is soft. But what I will say about Blake is that he’s maybe too nice of a guy,” Billups said in response to Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“Because there’s been times in games where people take shots at Blake. And I tell him if that’s me, you’re going to have to take this two- or three-game suspension, and I’m going to punish somebody.

“That’s just how I’m built. Blake is not really built like that. He’s … too soft of a guy inside for him to be like, ‘All right, I’m just going to hurt somebody.’ He just won’t do it. I wish he would, and I think that people would look at him a lot different if he did that. But he’s just not that kind of person.”

Billups is set to become a free agent this offseason. He told ESPN that he is open to returning to the Clippers but is waiting to see how their coaching situation progresses. On Sunday while in town to receive the NBA’s inaugural Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award, he said he is also interested in joining the Miami Heat for a shot to compete at another NBA title.

Steve Moore
Steve Moore

BG needs to stop staring down his opponents after dunks/blocks. This is what enrages them, it's not being tough, it's being punk


Blake is a good guy but you do have to assert yourself to not be considered soft. However, Billups would get a serious beatdown if he tried to do what he seems to be advising Griffin to do to the guys that Griffin faces on a nightly basis. It's one thing to get up in John Wall's face and a whole different thing to do it to Zack Randolph.