Posted June 09, 2013

Houston Rockets reportedly targeting both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul

(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Rockets could reportedly create the cap room to sign both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to max contracts. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Dwight Howard is not the only free-agent Los Angeles superstar the Houston Rockets plan on pursuing this summer.

Houston is planning a simultaneous pursuit of Clippers point guard Chris Paul and is working to create enough cap space to pull off the coup, according to The Houston Chronicle‘s Jonathan Feigen.

“They are targets No. 1 and 1A,” a source told Feigen.

While Howard has expressed interest in playing for Rockets head coach Kevin McHale, has spoken with Rockets starters James Harden and Chandler Parsons, and would be open to accepting the max four-year deal as opposed to the Lakers’ five-year max, wooing Paul appears to be a bigger challenge.

The team’s best option to create cap space is trading 22-year-old power forward Thomas Robinson, acquired from the Sacramento Kings in a February deal, but a source told Feigen “there are about 20 other ways” to create enough room.

Houston could pay Howard $20.5 million and Paul $18.7 million in their first seasons to make the moves work.

From the report:

But the Rockets hope to wait to see if they need the cap room before making that kind of move because if they cannot land a major free agent they would want to keep Robinson for his potential. There are 16 teams with the cap room, trade exception or sufficient non-guaranteed contracts to trade for Robinson or equivalent contracts without sending the Rockets back any cap-occupying contracts.

But several teams have indicated they are likely to be more open to a deal prior to the June 27 draft, especially if involving Robinson; the Rockets would prefer to make a move if necessary during free agency in July.

The moves to clear the rest of the cap space needed have long been planned with their veterans.

The Atlanta Hawks are also attempting to land both Howard and Paul, but may face tampering charges.


Your STUPID! If houston gets Cp3 and Howard they will win multiple championships! Look at the the Lineup PG Cp3 SG Harden SF Parsons PF Assik  C Howard! They will have a better team then Miami,Spurs,OKC! Houston fans are STUPID! 


The phrase is "try TO sign," not "try AND sign."


I can't see Paul choosing to leave the LA market for Houston. Doesn't make sense unless Chris really likes livin' in Houston. Well, no state income taxes is attractive in Tejas but sorry, living in Houston sounds onerous to me.

thenforcer 1 Like

@mwr5053 its not about were they would rather live or how pretty houston is idiot its about winning a championship !! what a ignorant human

RichMcfatridge 1 Like

@mwr5053 Lived in Houston my entire life, was born here infact.  Do not speak of things you do not know of.  

Steve Moore
Steve Moore

Players like playing w/Paul, so getting help would be easier, as opposed to a situation like Lakers, where no one wants to play w/chemistry killer Bean.

DavidosaurusCawston 1 Like

Don't know why they'd bother. Better to go after a PF. Asik is fantastic in the middle. No he doesn't score much, but he defends and rebounds really well, plus it's the job of the PF to score not the C.
Chris Paul would be a step up from Lin but Lin is due to make 5mil next season and 15 the following which would make him around 20mil cheaper over two years, money which could be used to get a premier PF.
That would give them a starting 5 of;

Harden, Lin, Asik, Parsons and PF.

They would be silly to go after Howard and CP3 wouldn't be that huge of an upgrade for this particular team.

WilyCoyoteSuperGenius 3 Like

I am sure Paul and Howard will bring a new team the same success they brought to their prior teams. Early round playoff exits.


@WilyCoyoteSuperGenius Apparently you are not aware that the Magic went to the NBA finals and the conference finals in consecutive years with Dwight Howard on the roster.   Or are those now considered early playoff exits?

FedorGaponenko 1 Like

Paul, Harden, Parson and Howard would be scary. Throw in an average power forward and some cheap veteran bench pieces and this team can give anyone hell.


@FedorGaponenko Don't be so sure. Pretty iffy defensively and won't afford a bench worth a damn.

Ryan19 1 Like

@newshamg @FedorGaponenko How would they be iffy defensively?  Chris Paul has made All-Defensive first team 3 times and the second team twice.  He also has led the league in steals 5 seasons.  Howard has been DPOY 3 times, All-Defensive first team 4 times, second team once, led the league in rebounding 5 times and in blocks twice.  

You could be right about the bench, but having 2 of the best defensive players at their respective positions doesn't really sound like they would be "iffy defensively".  


@newshamg @FedorGaponenkoFedor said they "CAN", not they "WILL". The only person who sounds "so sure" about their statements about this article is you.