Posted May 30, 2013

Jerry Jones may have inadvertently revealed the Cowboys’ draft board…again

Another Jerry Jones interview may have revealed the Cowboys' draft board. (Getty Images)

It’s not the first time a Jerry Jones interview inadvertently revealed the Cowboys’ draft board. (Getty Images)

Jerry Jones’ proclivity for doing standup interviews in front of the Cowboys’ draft board may have revealed the team’s player rankings, according to a reconstruction by from video clips.

What does the blog’s post-draft peek at the ‘Boys big board reveal?

  • First-round draft pick Travis Frederick, a center from Wisconsin, was assigned a second-round grade as the 22nd player behind 19 first-round rated players on the Cowboys’ board.
  • Dallas did not have a quarterback, running back, linebacker or center graded with first-round value.
  • The team had Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd ranked No. 5 overall, but chose to pass on him at No. 18 to trade back with the 49ers.
  • The Cowboys also rated several players substantially lower than their eventual selection including a fourth-round value on quarterback E.J. Manuel who was selected by the Bills in the first-round, and third-round ratings for first-round picks Kyle Long (20th overall), Desmond Trufant (22nd) and Datone Jones (26th).
  • Drafted players including first-rounders Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Matt Elam, plus later picks Christine Michael, Keenan Allen, Marcus Lattimore and Tyrann Mathieu were not even listed on the Cowboys’ board.

It’s not the first time the Cowboys’ draft board was leaked. Three years ago, the team’s in-house television department inadvertently posted a video interview with Jones, the team’s owner and general manager, standing in front of the team’s draft-day whiteboard.


I say this as a 'Skins fan.

Jurrah needs to retire.


I saw a 200 year old giant tortoise who looked just like Jerry. When his head poked out of the shell it looked just like Jone no-neck shriveled up head poking out of the top of his shirt. Come to think of it JJ might be better off hiring the tortoise as his GM. The guy they got now is a complete dumb axx


This is a stupid article, everyone ripped the bills for taking Manuel, but this article criticizes the cowboys for not ranking him as a 1st round talent. And all the players that si is criticizing.the boys for not having on the draft board all have either injury or personal red flags. So is just trying to make a story out of the info they have. And roots IS coming from a Dallas hater

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@Will10 the article did not say anything about what players dallas should have picked. the only critique is that this is the second time they have leaked information about who they where drafting. read before ya comment.


@Will10 It's not stupid at all to point out that they passed on Floyd - something they've been HEAVILY criticized for - when he was clearly at the top of their draft board/ratings.  Nothing in the article criticizes them for their Manuel (and others) rating, it just points out that they had different gradings than other teams.

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What are you talking about? All they did was list where the names were without opinion on the right or wrong of them. Paranoid much?