Posted May 29, 2013

SEC coaches vote to stay at eight conference games


Alabama coach Nick Saban was the only one of the SEC coaches who voted against playing 9 conference games.(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Southeastern Conference football coaches voted 13-1 Wednesday to stay playing eight conference games a season, reports

The only coach who voted for playing nine conference games was Alabama head coach Nick Saban. There is a consensus that the league will eventually go to nine conference games. The eight game conference rotation will start in 2014.

Larry Templeton, who has headed up scheduling during the SEC’s transition to 14 schools, said a rotation has been approved through 2026 that would include eight conference games. The schedule includes six divisional opponents, one permanent cross-divisional opponent and one rotating cross-divisional opponent.

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“Personally, I think we’ll end up moving to nine (conference) games eventually,” Florida coach Will Muschamp said. “My personal opinion (is) you create an SEC Network, at the end of the day, it’s going to be driven by the dollar, and having those games is going to be important, and having enough quality games on television promoting a nine-game SEC regular season, in my opinion, will eventually happen.”


I am not going to argue the strength of the SEC, but too many of the top teams do not play each other. Alabama had a fairly easy run last year in conference, avoiding the powers in the east. Too many teams and not enough of the good ones are playing each other.


Also, Alabama didn't avoid the "powers in the east". They beat the SEC East Champs 32-28.

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There are several fantastic SEC matchups this season (rankings based on Andy Staples' Post-Spring Top 25):

  • Sept 7: #7 South Carolina at #11 Georgia
  • Sept 14: #1 Alabama at #2 Texas A&M
  • Sept 14: #23 Vanderbilt at #7 South Carolina
  • Sept 28: #13 LSU at #11 Georgia
  • Oct 12: #9 Florida at #13 LSU
  • Oct 19: #11 Georgia at #23 Vanderbilt
  • Oct 26: #23 Vanderbilt at #2 Texas A&M
  • Nov 2: #11 Georgia vs #9 Florida
  • Nov 9: #23 Vanderbilt at #9 Florida
  • Nov 16: #9 Florida at #7 South Carolina
  • Nov 23: #2 Texas A&M at #13 LSU

Not to mention the top-tier out-of-conferences games:

  • Aug 31: #1 Alabama vs #25 Virginia Tech
  • Aug 31: #11 Georgia at #10 Clemson
  • Aug 31: #13 LSU vs #15 TCU
  • Nov 30: #12 Florida State at #9 Florida
  • Nov 30: #10 Clemson at #7 South Carolina

Some SEC cellar-dwellers play tough OOC opponents too:

  • Sept 14: #8 Louisville at Kentucky
  • Sept 14: Ole Miss at #18 Texas
  • Sept 14: Tennessee at #6 Oregon

This is assuming Ole Miss and Auburn don't surprise people and have drastic improvements this season. Auburn plays LSU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and Georgia. Ole Miss plays Vanderbilt, Texas, Auburn, Texas A&M and LSU. Those could very well be Top 25 matchups by the time they're played.

Not to mention that the SEC Championship Game will more than likely be the only one between two Top 10, maybe even Top 5 teams. The B1G Championship Game will only be between two Top 10 teams if Michigan beats Ohio State the week before a rematch in the championship game.

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Is it just me, or does the photo caption and the story not match up?


OK, so if you think it's going to happen eventually, why not vote for it now?  BAMA might just opt to schedule a SEC opponent as a non conference game as has been done in other SEC sports (2013 Softball ALA vs. FLA, e.g.).