Posted May 21, 2013

NFL to hold 2014 draft in May; could move out of NYC

The NFL will hold its annual draft in May next year. (Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

The NFL will hold its annual draft in May next year. (Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that the league will hold its annual draft in May next year and that in following years it could be held outside of New York City because of scheduling conflicts.

The Draft will be held at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan in May 2014. After that, the league says it has no idea where the draft will be held.

“If we want to move the draft back into the April period, we’re going to have to look at other alternatives. Other cities, other venue,” Goodell said, via

Radio City Music Hall is planning a spring show which could conflict with the draft for the next couple of years. .  The tentative dates for the draft could be May 8-10 or May 15-17.

“We haven’t found the location in New York that meets our requirements and where we think we can continue to grow the event. If we do, that will be one of the alternatives. I think one of the things we have to do at some point is start looking at other cities,” Goodell said.

Goodell said in addition to the draft that proposed changes to the rest of the offseason schedule were still being discussed with the NFL Players Association.

David G
David G

With 30 other NFL Cities it should give each one a chance to hold the draft.  Rotate it through everyone.  Imagine the excitement in each city.  Requirements to hold it?  Come On NFL this is the digital age. 


I sure will miss watching Jets fans boo their own draft choices. Let's hope they move it to Philly...

bhcoach 1 Like

They kicked the idea around a couple of years ago about moving the draft to different NFL cities each year. I would be a big fan of that idea. It would give the NFL cities and fans a chance to experience the excitement of the draft plus a chance for those NFL cites that don't get to host Super Bowls a chance to showcase their cities. If Goodell is so concerned with fan support then this is something he should seriously consider.


 @bhcoach It would be nice if they brought it to Los Angeles for a year, since we don't have anything NFL related. I know I'd be there for sure.

mwr5053 1 Like

Have it at Chris Berman's house on Thursday, then move to Mel Kiper's place for the later rounds. Simple....